Rosemary - September flower essence of the month

September 01, 2023

Rosemary - September flower essence of the month

Rosemary: rosmarius officinalis is a common herb used for cooking and well being. Rosemary a member of the sage family favors dry warm conditions. The leaves are deep green and conifer'esque and the flowers are blue/purple. The plant exudes a warmth and are a favorite among honey bees.

Appetite and Embodiment

I find Rosemary flower essence invaluable when a client presents with a poor appetite. Over the years I've noticed this can be a tell tale sign to use Rosemary.The 'earthy' process of eating and digestion connects us to our metabolic forces. When this is dormant or suppressed often there is a lack of embodiment. In turn people withdraw into themselves and as such they can feel cold and distant.

A few reasons for this include:

  • past trauma
  • inability to ground
  • recent upset such a breakup, divorce
  • people with a more ethereal personality

Rosemary flower essence restores a warmth to the personality. It is useful for those who lack grounding and embodiment. In such cases when looked at closely the fingerprints of trauma are evident. This could be a minor trauma which has led to poor embodiment which can become a learned behavior.

Some indications include poor memory, lack of physical and emotional warmth and poor circulation. This often manifests as a disinterest, ambivalence, and a lack of appetite. Sometimes a cold personality becomes a defensive posture.

Rosemary flower essence increases physical and emotional warmth and circulation of energy to the extremities. In my practice I've seen it work wonders with all types of people. It is great for children who exhibit said characteristics. Rosemary flower essence is good for surly or withdrawn individuals. It helps them access a brighter perspective and interest in life and the world. Rosemary flower essence can coax warmth, openness, and willingness is said personalities. 

Future Explorations with Rosemary

There is a certain quality of disembodiment which too much screen time fosters. Simply because it engages thought and mind without the body. I do think Rosemary flower essence can help those lost in their phones come back to their body. I feel this is a worthy area for further research. In the past I have used Milkweed and White Globe Lily to support people to find balance.

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