Lemon flower essence - May essence of the Month 2024

May 02, 2024

Lemon flower essence - May essence of the Month 2024

Lemon flower essence is the May 2024 essence the month. This is a one of the best flower essences for mental clarity. Lemons are known for their sharp and brisk taste while lemon flowers have a heady intoxicating aroma. Here we can look at these distinguished aspects and how they relate to the essence. On one side we have the stimulating aspects of the fruit and the other we have expansiveness of the flower's scent.

A Remedy for Congestion and Overwhelm

Our world/society is characterized by an abundance of mental stimulation. We have technology to thank for an acceleration of text, image and video and because technology is always on we too think we must always be on. With an endless stream of content available 24/7 it is easy to find ourselves swamped in content. But, we don't have the mental capacity to process much of it. Yet, we take it in even if we feel full which leads to mental congestion.

Lemon flower essence helps with this "mental congestion". Now you may wonder, what is mental congestion? It's an informal term referring to a state of overwhelm that leads to feeling scattered, unable to think clearly, and difficulty processing information. This then results in fatigue and dullness of the mind and consciousness along with a listless feeling. 

Ease of Lemon Flower Essence

Lemon flower essence restores mental clarity when there is overwhelm or fatigue. It supports balance and integration which helps us maintain a cohesive state of mind. With lemon flower essence there is an incredible softening of stress held at the mental level. As if a blanket of relaxation quells any tension and brightens the field with an invigorating awareness.

Constantly taking in information can dampen our imagination. In this domain lemon flower essence is also beneficial. It helps us access a more expanded awareness along with helping us maintain conscious focus and awareness.

Lemon flower essence is great for those who feel their minds need a little refreshment. This uplifting flower essence supports focus, creativity, and can enhance clarity of thought and speech.

Lemon flower essence can be found in our Citrus Kit along with 7 other citrus flower essences.

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