Hello, My name is Mark D’Aquila I am a passionate flower essence practitioner and advocate for the deeper potential of life. A lifelong pioneer who travels the unbeaten path, my interests have always resided in what is just beyond convention. My first encounter with flower essences was in 1997. That year I found a book about Bach flower remedies and since that day my curiosity has never ceased to wane. What fascinates me and keeps my passion alive is the potent, gentle and recognizable healing qualities of flower essences.  I enjoy sharing my discoveries and insights with people who are ready to experience the deep healing and balancing qualities of flower essences.

In 2003 I began making and researching new flower essences from plants which I was drawn to. In that same year I began my formal study with David Dalton an esteemed teacher and researcher in New Hampshire. Since then I have gleaned much wisdom from other teachers including Julia Murray and Kate Gilday. Over the years my interest in exploring new flowers has led me to a variety of environments to co-create new and useful essences. Certain bio-regions are of particular interest to me; including but not limited to the Pine Barrens, deserts, and alpine environments of Northern California.

In 2007 I started Essence Alchemy which is the home and banner for the essences I co-create. I am humbled and honored to say my first body of work; the Trauma Kit has found place in the repertory of many healers, chiropractors, and flower essence therapists. Going forward my aim is to deepen and find ways to make flower essences more available to people in practical ways. I trust the plants and hold the vision that they can bring deep healing and personal refinement as we all work towards creating a healthy life and relationship with the planet.

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