Current Times Recommendations


The Repertory contains essences from the following producers:

  • Bach (bach)
  • FES (fes)
  • Delta Gardens (delta)
  • Australian Bush (aus)
  • Elemental Garden Remedies (element)

Abondonment Issues-
(fes)mariposa lily, baby blue eyes, forget me not,
(delta)black currant, hemp agrimony, indian pipe, stinging nettle

(fes)nicotiana, morning glory, milk weed, self heal
(element)money plant,

Addressing the Masculine-
(fes)baby blue eyes, sunflower, dandelion,  mountain pride, larkspur, penstemon, poison oak, quince, saguaro
(bach)vervain, oak
(aus)flannel flower

(fes)chrysanthemum, fairy lantern (resisting)
(delta)boneset, sumac,
(aus) old man banksia

Aimless/Life Direction-
(aus)jacaranda, silver princess
(fes)sweet pea,
(bach) wild oat,
(delta)columbine, lady’s mantle

Body Issues-
(aus)bily goat plum,
(fes)pretty face,
(bach)crab apple
(delta) jewel weed (dislike being touched)

City Living/Urban Environments-
(fes)chaparal, corn, chamomile, dill, yarrow, garlic, golden yarrow, goldenrod, indian pink, mountain pennyroyal, morning glory, oregon grape, red clover, scotch broom

Commitment Issues-
(fes)evening primrose, butterfly weed, bleeding heart, forget me not, sweet pea,
(aus)wedding bush
(delta)wood betony

(fes)calendula, tiger lily, cosmos, trumpet vine, snapdragon
(delta)celandine, lobelia
(bach) larch, holly, heather

(fes)indian paintbrush, iris, cosmos, star tulip,
(delta)celandine, wild bergamot,
(aus)boronia, turkey bush

Data Integration/Decompression-
(fes)hound’s tongue, shasta daisy, cosmos, peppermint, rabbitbrush, yarrow, indian pink, madia, nasturtium,
(aus)bush fuschia

(fes)st. john’s wort, yerba santa,
(delta) bluebell, geranium, lilac, star jasmine

Eating Disorders/emotional eating-
(fes)manzanita, california pitcher plant, deerbrush, milkweed, peppermint
(bach)crab apple

Energy Leaks-
(delta)teasel, wormwood,
(aus) fringed violet,
(element)ti plant

(fes)california wild rose, wild rose, blackberry, cayenne, nasturtuim, iris, indian pink, zinnia, (delta)bluebell, loveage, wild bergamot,
(aus)banksia robur
(bach) hornbeam

Family Karma-
(aus)boab, bauhina
(delta)canada thistle, hyssop, solomon’s seal,

(fes)rosemary, peppermint, chestnut bud, sage, shooting star,
(delta) comfrey, plantain

Frustration with others & self-
(bach)beech, impatiens
(delta) solomon’s seal, marshmallow, stinging nettles

(delta) hyssop, blessed thistle, meadow rue, milk thistle, wormwood

(fes)goldenrod, fairy lantern, shooting star,
(delta)columbine,bull thistle, elecampagne, pink lady’s slipper
(bach)larch, centaury

(bach)white chestnut
(element) blueberry cactus
(delta) lemon balm

Issues of the Heart-
(fes)bleeding heart, borage, nicotiana, love lies bleeding, forget me not,
(delta)scarlet pimpernel,
(bach)chicory, holly
(aus)bluebell, boronia

Moving Repressed Emotions-
(delta)goldenseal,  habanero pepper, comfrey, lungwort, onion, plantain, scarlet pimpernel, wild bergamot, wormwood
(fes)yerba santa

Overcoming Inertia-
(fes)tansy, blackberry, wild rose, cayenne,
(delta) habanero, horseradish,
(aus)banksia robur,

(delta)lady’s mantle
(element)kinick kinick

Relationships Issues-
pink monkeyflower, wedding bush, fairy lantern, easter lily, pink yarrow, poison oak, scarlet monkeyflower, yellow star tulip, pink amaranthus, pink clarkia, water lily, wood betony

lemon balm, chamomile, blueberry cactus, lilac, solomon’s seal, black eyed susan (australian)

Self Esteem-
(fes)buttercup, sunflower, pretty face,
(delta) lousewort, queen of the meadow, missouri primrose, horseradish
(element)money plant
(bach) larch

(fes)alpine lily, calla lilly, basil, hibiscus, easter lily, sticky monkeyflower, queen anne’s lace, (delta) lady’s slipper, blackberry lily, lobelia, wood betony,
(aus)billy goat plum

Shadow Issues/Integration-
(delta)codonopsis, black cohosh, comfrey, lungwort, goldenseal, plantain
(fes)black eyed susan, echinacea,

Social Ease-
(fes)mallow, goldenrod, golden yarrow, fawn lily, buttercup, pink monkeyflower, quacking grass, red clover,
(delta)japanese knotweed
(bach)water violet

(fes)canyon dudleya, purple monkeyflower, lotus, california poppy, queen anne’s lace, sage, saguaro,
(delta)golden amaranthus, horestail, indian pipe, jack in the pulpit

(fes)golden ear drops, rock rose, echinacea, evening primrose, black cohosh, black eyed susan, arnica, rosemary,

Trust in Self-
(delta)bellflower, queen of the meadow

Womens Issues-
(fes)mariposa lily, easter lily, calla lilly, evening primrose, quince, pomegranate, quince, tiger lily,
(delta)lady’s mantle

(fes) filaree, star thistle(fear of lack),
(delta)bluebell, clary sage, geranium
(bach)white chestnut, red chestnut