This flower essence repertory is designed to help you navigate the Essence Alchemy flower essence collection.

Under each heading you will find an indicator telling you what kit that essence is found in.Each letter in parenthesis refers to a flower essence kit.

(T) for the Trauma Kit
(O) for the Ojai Kit
(M) for the Mt. Shasta Kit
(F) for the French Collection
(C) for the Combination Kit
(CT) for the Citrus Kit
(GH) for the Garden and Herb Kit
(GM) for the Gem Elixir Kit

Abondonment Issues
(O) Catalin mariposa lily

(O) Chaparral Currant
(GM) Brazillianite

(O) Canyon Sunflower

(GH) Self heal

(T) Money plant,

(O) Tree Tobacco

Aimless/Life Direction

(T) California Fuchsia 

(T) Columbine

(O) Eucalyptus

(S) Penstemon

(O) Scarlet Bugler

(O) White Larkspur


(GH) Motherwort

(GH) Yarrow

City Living/Urban Environments
(GH) Chaparal

(C) Detox
(T) Echinopsis

(M) Marsh Marigold

(O) Matillija Poppy

(B) Communication Blend

(O) California Golden Violet

(O) Dunn’s Lobelia

(GM) Euclase
(M) Slender Rein Orchid


(CT) Clementine

(T) Desert Lily

(O) Zinnia,

Data Integration/Decompression

(O) Cream Cups 

(C) Focus

(CT) Lemon

(C) Stress Relief 

(T) Trinity Sage

(GH) Borage, St. John’s wort
(GM) Botswana Agate, Gold
(CT) Clementine 

(T) Desert Canterbury Bells
(M) Explorer's Gentian
(F) Geranium

(O) Red Penstemon
(O) Yerba santa

Emotional eating
(B) Emotional Eating

(T) Money Plant

Energy Leaks

(T) Coyote Mint, Ti Plant 

(C) Protection Blend

(F) Viper’s Bugloss

(GH) Yarrow

(T) Beauty Bush, Ghost Flower

(O) Cestrum 

(GM) Peridot
(O) Sycamore 

Family Karma
(T) Arizona Lupine

(F) Heart Lipped Orchid 

(O) San Pedro Cactus 

(C) Focus

(GH) Comfrey

(GM) Copper, Diamond, Silver

(M) Bog Asphodel
(O) California Bay

(T) Columbine 

(F) Early Purple Orchid

(GH) Motherwort
(O) Sycamore

(GH) Lavender
(GM) Dumorite

(T) Blueberry cactus

(M) Purple Aster

(C) Tension Relief 

(O) Western Mugwort

Issues of the Heart

(F) Asperge Savage

(GH) Borage

(O) Bush Mallow, Chaparral Currant

(GM) Pink Sapphire, Ruby

Overcoming Inertia

(O) Broomsage
, California Sagebrush,Cardinal Monkeyflower,  Red Maids 

(M) Sulfur Flower

(GH) Wild Spearmint


(O) Pomegranate

(T) Desert Lily, Dogbane

Relationships Issues

(O) Bush Mallow 

(F) Heart Lipped Orchid

(GH) Hibiscus 

(T) Pink Clarkia
(O) San Pedro Cactus

(M) Scarlet Gilia

(T) Blueberry Cactus

(O) Blue Curls 

(GH) Blue Vervain
(GH) Dandelion
(GM) Dumorite
(C) Stress Relief
(C) Tension Relieft

Self Esteem
(M) Bog Asphodel 

(T) Columbine

(O) Goldstar

(GM) Gold, Ruby

(T) Money plant

(M) Showy Raillardella

(O) White Larkspur

Social Anxiety/Ease

(T) Bigelow monkeyflower

(O) Bush Mallow 

(CT) Orange 

(M) Scarlet Gilia

Trust in Self
(GM) Flint
(T) Horned Bladderwort

(C) Intuition

(M) Beargrass, Monkshood

Womens Issues
(O) Catalina mariposa lily

(T) Desert Lily, Depthford Pink, Pink Clarkia

(O) Pomegranate,

(O) Cottonwood
, Heron’s Bill

(F) Geranium

(GM) Prehenite