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Flower Essence Education

Join me on September 27th at 11am PST on Zoom for a 90 minute online learning session  This session will be led by Mark D'Aquila who has 20 + years experience working with flower essences and people. This session will include 2 flower essence blends, experiential learning, and Qand A.

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I have been using Essence Alchemy flowers essences for many years and they have become an essential tool in my chiropractic practice. I use them every day on patients and have had impressive results with them. I also had a consultation with him and the custom blends he made for me produced subtle yet powerful shifts. Mark is an expert at what he does and his remedies are nothing short of amazing. 

Dr Maxime Lavoie, DC, DIBAK – Montreal, Canada

Thank you for the countless ways you have positively affected my life, I realize how you have gone above and beyond to help me and I am grateful. Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement guidance and acceptance. You are a talented and have a sacred gift. Thank you again for all you do.

Gratefully, Melissa – Pennsylvania