“As a chiropractor and kinesiologist, I have found that using Essence Alchemy's flower and gem essences in my practice has brought numerous benefits to my patients. Since I’ve incorporated Mark’s essences into my method of treating patients, the vibrational composition that these essences possess are truly remarkable!

I can also attest practically that Essence Alchemy flower essences can be extremely effective in helping my patients manage stress and anxiety, overcome emotional blockages, negative thought patterns, and enhance the immune system. Since most physical problems start emotionally and energetically, the essences can be quite effective in dealing with chronic pain and other physical ailments as well.” - Rudy Amicay DC

I have used Mark's Essence Alchemy Sprays and drops since being exposed to them with Tim Francis, DC seminars. They heal on a deep level.Through collaboration with Mark, we developed our GNOSA line to work with my www.cewseminars.com They can heal physical and metaphysical issues on a deep level.I highly recommend them to anyone wanting emotional, spiritual, and metaphysicalsupport! I am thankful to Mark for our collaboration and the sprays used daily in my practice!!!
- Namaste, Randall W. Robirds, DC

“My sister was intubated and semi-conscious in the ICU with liver cirrhosis. She was able to pray with me and I sprayed the Arch Angel spray on her. Immediately her oxygen support needed from the ventilator went from 60% to 50%.

We have continued to pray and use the Arch Angel spray. Today we were notified that she has improved so much that she will be leaving the ICU and moving to the regular hospital floor.”
 Julie V.  Pasadena, CA


      My husband suddenly passed away when I was 36 years old leaving me alone with a toddler son and a baby girl. It was the most devastating moment of my life. I somehow found my way back to the land of the living over the next few years but continued to struggle with an emotionally unstable son, and while I was functioning on the outside, I was still deeply hurting on the inside. My focus though was on my son. I had done everything I thought possible from play therapy to art therapy, diet change, and essential oils to release his pain which he could not express. I really was at the end of my rope when I came across the Essence Alchemy website about flower essences to address behaviors that seemed to match my son’s. To be honest, I don’t think under normal circumstances I would have ever thought to try something like flower essences which seemed so foreign and “untested” to me. However, I was willing to give anything a try at that time. I purchased the essences and eventually, I ended up speaking to Mark for a consult. He has a wonderful gift for listening and asking the right questions. He’s incredibly empathetic and understands the power of the flower essences. He carefully crafted a unique formula for both my son and myself and I couldn’t believe the shift that we began to see. I continued to work with Mark every month and he would send new formulas. Fast forward to the beginning of the pandemic, I lost my job and my industry was completely destroyed with no hopes for a rebound until the pandemic is over. I had to cut out all extraneous expenses so I, unfortunately, had to stop working with Mark. However, I write this almost a year since then and while I am still out of work, I have found myself to have endured the past year with great strength. It has not been easy and I’ve had moments of despair, but I believe the two years I spent with Mark helped prepare me for this. I am in a solid place emotionally and the work I did with him really brought me (and my son) not only great healing from my catastrophic loss but a renewed sense of joy and purpose to my life that has been in survival mode for way too long. I’m forever grateful.

      J.S. NYC



          It’s Kim Knock the veterinarian over in Montana who ordered a Mt. Shasta kit from you this winter. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for specially preparing and sending your amazing essences our way. They are pure magic! We have been working with them in a myriad of ways and are seeing Beings being supported, facilitated and uplifted by them!
Thanks again
Kim Knock

The Tension Relief has been amazing for helping me sleep. Thank You! 
C.P. Portland, OR

“I would like to say that as a Flower Remedy Practitioner, I recommend Essence Alchemy for the purity and energetics I have experienced upon first using these remedies. Like many of the others who have written, I have sampled flower essences from around the world. These are the real deal. I am anxious to begin using them in my clinical practice. Grateful that I was offered the opportunity to work with White Sage, I would highly recommend this essence for the clearing and ordering it has done to the emotional layers that can become muddled with negativity during this particular time here in the U.S.”

Betsy Bonsignore MSCN BSN RN LMT

 When I was first introduced to your flower essences, I was not sure what to make of them. It did not take long before I was a believer in how they can help a person change. A major breakthrough came around the healing of trauma related to my father’s passing. I thought I was over the death of my father who passed 23 years ago. I found him at home at the young age of 51, I was 27 at the time. This changed my life but I did not realize how much and for how long.

It took me 9 months to finally be released of this trauma. During the healing process I would use any where from 6-10 flower essences at a time. These flower essences have truly transformed me as a person. People would say to me things like “you look lighter”, “brighter”, “happier” and “different”. And I could feel these changes as well. I felt lighter, brighter, happier and different. They have also helped me clear viruses that have laid dormant in my system but come out when I am stressed or traumatized.

I am under the care of a chiropractor who uses applied kinesiology and he muscle testes me for your essences. Using your essences has been a life changing journey and has reduced my anxiety to near zero. I am now feeling better and moving forward because of Essence Alchemy and Mark’s gifts as flower essence producer.

Lisa K. Pennsylvania

I wanted to let you know that last week Dr. Brown gave a patient the I Matter bottle. She called today and said it has been a life changing essence for her. She said she feels a shift in her being and has started taking time for herself, voicing her thoughts, setting boundaries and saying no. She was so happy!

From the Office of the North Dallas Alternative Medicine Center

Testimonial for the Essence Alchemy – Trauma Kit

A word on Essence Alchemy. As a chiropractic physician, I have used the Trauma kit, Mt. Shasta and French Collection with stunning results. I use these essences primarily as an adjunct to treatment to assist with helping the patient clear the mental and emotional aspect of an illness or pain syndrome in accordance with Neuro-emotional technique protocols. After treatment, patients present for follow up visits with stories of life altering experiences in which they processed the emotional component of the illness or syndrome and have a sense of hope and peace. I highly recommend these essences for any one who treats patients by not only addressing the symptoms of the patient but also the mental emotional status of the patient as well. Great for any integrated complementary alternative medicine practitioners.

Dr. Crites D.C.Resilience Wellness, Tualatin, Oregon

I have been using Essence Alchemy flowers essences for 2 years now and they have become an essential tool in my practice. I use them every day on patients and have had impressive results with them. I also had custom blends made for myself and saw subtle yet powerful shifts happen for me while taking them. Mark is an expert at what he does and his remedies are nothing short of amazing. –

Dr Maxime Lavoie, DC, DIBAK – Montreal, Canada

“Essence Alchemy flower essences are an invaluable tool in my chiropractic healthcare practice. These flower essences are like no other healing tool I’ve ever had access to for helping people make change in their health and their life. It also helps people to truly understand themselves and what they need for their life in a unique and unparalleled way. After using these flower essences now, my practice has genuinely changed for the better!”

Dr. Nicholas Jung  Redwood City, CA

 “At Delta Gardens, we frequently find childhood trauma to be an important factor in our clients’ present day health issues. Removing the energetic underpinnings of trauma requires appropriate flower essences. All of the practitioners here use the Essence Alchemy Trauma Set for this type of work – that is, alleviating illness by releasing trauma. These essences are truly a gift.”

~David Dalton, Delta Gardens Hampton Falls, NH


I have been using Essence Alchemy Flower Essences in my practice for many months now and in this time I have recognized noticeable shifts with my clients in profoundly positive ways. Mark's Flower Essences are extraordinary and he is a true master of his craft. There is a very specific and unique vibration to his Essences that is felt with every single drop. Thank you for your beautiful and much needed work in the world. 
~ Jo Bell Cummings, Australia

As a Women’s Health Expert and Flower Essence Practitioner since 2002, I’ve used essences from many companies over the years. In all this time, I’ve never experienced the potency and vibrational clarity as those from Essence Alchemy.

I use these essences constantly to move trauma out of the body and to awaken life force. I am thrilled that I have them at my disposal when working with challenging clients that need powerful medicine in order to heal.

Carla Savetsky, RPA-MS, Holistic Women’s Health Expert Northampton, MA

“My name is Sandra and I am a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner. I have worked extensively with hundreds of clients for over 6 years. I have found the TRAUMA SET created by Mark D’Aquila to be a very valuable asset to my practice. I work with many clients who have trauma and I have seen his essences work wonders to help people release and shift many stored imprints and move forward in their healing journey!” 

-Sandra Gikas, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner Boston, MA area

In Mark I found a very wonderful human being and healer. He is exceedingly compassionate and is fantastic at sensing energy imbalances and healing them with flower remedies. I came to him for my hormonal problems and acne issues for which I had not found much success with doctors and other type of alternative practitioners. I went away not only with my problems greatly resolved but also went away with a sense of calmness and well being.

Siddima Kotak, lawyer – Mumbi India

“Mark is an extraordinarily gifted healing practitioner as well as a compassionate, generous human being who possesses a great understanding of the mind-body connection, how our emotions contribute to the health of our body.

I was initially referred to Mark because I had been suffering with chronic Lyme disease, and was told there was a way he could help me with flower essences.  My Lyme was going in and out of remission since 2003. It had become chronic because it was initially misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia. Finally it was identified during a second flare-up of the disease in 2008. I thought I had gotten it under control with antibiotics. But in 2013 it came back even stronger. I did not want to utilize that same treatment, which has many bad side-effects and no guarantee of stopping the infection.

When I called Mark, I did not know what to expect, but was immediately put at ease with his kindness, obvious expertise, sensitivity, and sense of humor!  After speaking with him, the flower essence formula he made for me to combat those nasty spirochetes, worked! The formula promptly arrived in only 3 days, although I live in NJ and he lives in California. Within a week of taking the formula, the aches and pains, and foggy feeling that comprise my symptoms of Lyme, went away!I had tested positive for Lyme on a blood test, so I definitely knew I had it. Mark was actually able to identify the degree of infection within my body. Anytime I feel a flare coming on, Mark prepares a new formula for me, and each time the symptoms completely resolve! I am so grateful to him and just wish that more people who suffer from Lyme will find out about this so they can finally find relief.

In case anyone out there has doubts about Mark being able to help you via a long distance phone call, I want to put those doubts to rest. I live in NJ and initially was skeptical that he could help me by reading my body’s energies, nutritional needs and deficiencies, allergic issues, and even genetic issues via the phone, especially since he lives in California, but boy, was I ever surprised!

Over the course of my treatments, he has identified vitamin deficiencies and a genetic mutation in my methylation pathway that I never told him about but were verified by recent blood tests. Once, he told me my lungs and bronchial tubes were inflamed, even though at the time I was feeling no symptoms whatsoever. Two days later, I had a mild asthma attack, which I hadn’t had in almost a year. Two weeks later—I had developed the full blown symptoms of bronchitis. What was amazing to me was that Mark could see the beginnings of both of these issues before they became apparent to me. These are only a small sampling of the many interesting physical issues Mark had been able to detect.

Another extremely important issue Mark has helped me with is clearing decades of deeply entrenched emotional and psychological issues. I have had help in the past by speaking with therapists, but I continue to be amazed that a bottle of customized flower essences can help clear these issues and transform me in such a profound way.  Plus Mark’s deep insights into my psyche, his patience, kindness, non-judgmental attitude,  keen perceptions, and suggestions for what I need to do to further my growth, have been instrumental in what I feel has been a personal metamorphosis.

It has become clearer to me how our emotions and psyche can profoundly impact our health and well- being. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who wants to experience these significant benefits. He will always have my deep appreciation!”

-C.G. New Jersey

My consultation with Mark D’Aquila was beautiful. As a perceptive and knowledgeable healer, he combines both the recognition of patterns that require healing, with the wisdom and beauty of the tangible flower essences, to personalize a healing process for you. After starting to use the customized flower essence, which was so thoughtfully combined and gorgeously sourced, I noted big shifts in my life. I started attracting more positive energy and people, and feel as if a curse has been lifted, and barriers have been dissolved. Self-doubt has slid away, and self-love naturally is growing and deepening. I am able to connect to the wisdom within myself, and speak my truth with grace and equanimity. I can see more clearly, patterns that I used to get caught up in, that would drain my energy and reduce my sense of beauty and light in myself and in the world. I feel a core stability, grounded in what I love. I am more “sparkly” in the world, able to lightly be myself, with dignity and a gentle sense of my own soul’s presence. I am aligning with other people who share my loves and values, that of the earth, and am also meeting men who honour the divine in themselves and others, who love physical finesse, and healing and energy work. A whole new experience of the world has opened up for me, one that supports my joy.

I am quite taken by the power of the beauty of the flowers, which are such delicate things, and yet so uplifting, and am learning how there is this beautiful power to gentleness and beauty.

A big thank you to Mark, for holding space for this type of healing medicine, and offering his knowledge in such a graceful way in the world.

Maia – Canada

I honestly began feeling positive effects of the flower essence immediately!

(In response to using Desert Lily flower essence for dehydration.)

Allassandra, Ojai, CA

Thank you for the countless ways you have positively affected my life, I realize how you have gone above and beyond to help me and I am grateful. Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement guidance and acceptance. You are a talented and have a sacred gift. Thank you again for all you do.

Gratefully, Melissa – Pennsylvania

I came upon the work of Mark D’Aquila by accident, or good fortune. Browsing the internet for flower essences I landed on his website – essencealchemy.com.  I had never done a consultation of this sort before but I had a feeling it might be worth it.  I was not only not disappointed, I was nurtured, comforted and listened to more deeply than maybe anyone ever has.

Mark is a gentle soul and truly intuitive.  He heard me deeper than my words and his questioning opened up new levels of insight that I might never have come to on my own. He is very caring and consults with a warm soul embrace.  He put together a combination of essences coming from his intuition and I had it within two days. I have to say that the discord in my soul disappeared gently and thoroughly.

I have consulted with him two times since and each time we journeyed further. And each time he has prepared a unique combination of essences. And each time my heart and soul experienced deeper healing.   Mark is a marvelous companion on the road to wellness.

Robert Brock – Glasgow, Kentucky

As a meditation teacher, my experience is that in order to create sustainable change in our lives, gentle focused consistency is required. Mark’s approach to flower essences works in exactly this way.  He works through deep listening and has an ability to ask the questions that truly need to be asked in order to uncover hidden blocks in people. Where many forms of medicine are too generalized to create systemic change, my sessions with Mark have led to emotional, spiritual, and physical shifts that I could not have foreseen and  feel deeply grateful for. Mark is an incredibly knowledgable and compassionate practitioner. He embodies a reverence for nature and for the organic process of healing that is rare in today’s world and that make sessions with him transformative and potent.

Deborah Eden Tull, Los Angeles, CA

“I discovered Mark at a critical and challenging time in my life, when the waves and troughs of transition were overwhelming. I knew very little about flower essence therapy, but was open to a new type of support. What I did not anticipate was the extraordinary gift that Mark has for creating and holding safe space. His skill in listening and reflecting back through sharing observations and asking questions is unique. The learning and self discovery that emerged through our sessions was remarkable. Mark has an uncanny ability to hit just the right note or acupuncture point, opening up a whole new view. Mark has superb intuition and a way with words that speaks volumes, always leaving me feeling truly seen and heard. And, in addition to these skills, Mark’s ability to choose just the right combination of flower essences to support my journey blows me away every time.”

Michele Steckler, New York, New York

“The flower essence work that Mark D’Aquila creates is a service that goes beyond remedy. Similar to a homeopath, he gently and powerfully searches into the minute specificity of how we act and react to hold ourselves back. When his elegant inquiry into the nature of my concern has reached its conclusion, he prepares a combination flower essence tincture especially for me. Not only do I sense myself changed through the process of his discovery, but his preparation continues to refine the solution in my being, over time.  Pretty amazing work, I say. “

Aaron Zweig – Master Bodyworker, Ojai, CA

“I had a session with Mark to help me with my struggles of procrastination over a project I needed to complete. Mark is incredibly intuitive and insightful and quickly pinpointed the heart of my issue. He mixed me up a formula and within just 2 days of taking it, I was not only working on the project but finished it! I am truly grateful to Mark for his amazing healing and intuitive abilities. “

Kim Vincent, NLP master practitioner, life coach and hypnotherapist Ojai, CA

“It was such a pleasant surprise to come home from work and find my package.  The packing was great -all bottles arrived in perfect condition.  I did a lot of research before I made my purchase and your site/information was great.  Prices great and now I can say that the actual transaction went so smoothly and the package perfect. Definitely will be a return customer. Anyway thank you so much for great customer service.”

Cheryl, New Mexico

“Mark is the most knowledgeable and intuitive flower essence practitioner I have ever had the blessing to work with.  His ongoing and dedicated communion with flowers and their essences has been honed through many years of devotion, study, practice and experience such that he has become an adept in his field.  The diagnosis and treatments he has prescribed for me have allowed gentle, supportive and very deep changes that aligned perfectly with my soul’s growth and development.  I am very grateful to have him as a healing ally in my life.”

Narelle Bouthillier – Shamanic Healer, Boston

“I was referred to Mark D’Aquila by a trusted friend. She knew I needed support in getting my life on track and breaking the cycle of unfulfilling relationships that I was in. Little did I know the deep changes that would transpire.  After just 4 months of working with Mark I realized I made more progress than I did in 10 years of therapy. Mark’s compassionate support and guidance has helped me to feel more alive, connected to life and closer to my goals.”

Lisa Shapiro, New York City

“Like a lot of people, I have been trying to diagnose and work on myself. This worked to a point, but I wanted to some help, some guidance as I navigated my way.

The difference was astounding. No matter how self-aware you are, there will always be aspects of your emotional condition that only another person can pinpoint. Mark is able to do this compassionately and professionally. Following a thorough session where he asked me strategic questions about my current state of health, Mark customized an essence for me. The results were quick and lasting. I experienced a shift almost immediately.

The key to my experience as compared to “going it alone” is that Mark ushered me through layers of healing. One session built on the other, and in the process I felt layers of myself being healed. I highly recommend the experience.”

Joy Keller: Reiki Master www.renegadejoy.com, San Diego

“I gave myself a year to experience how this work would assist me through some emotional blocks.  My search for a practitioner led me to Mark’s website. His personalized blends and guidance were very effective in facilitating me through various levels of healing. In one area, we worked with my emotional phases towards honoring becoming a mother. After much work and many breakthroughs I am now a proud mother of a healthy baby boy. His service is very genuine and personable.  He is my family’s flower essence practitioner.”

Lina Vazquez, Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, Los Angeles, CA

“I felt better just having a consultation with Mark. The safe space he provides helped me to open and shed light on guilt I had been carrying for years and to shed this pattern and move forward with confidence”

Emily McIntire, New York

“Mark, through his listening and expertise, developed a customized program that provided me with a foundation of courage and clarity to dig deep, break out of old patterns and create a new world.”

Travis Rush, New York, New York

“Over the past five months I have been using flower essences, which Mark D’Aquila has personally crafted for me. During these recent challenging times of transition in my life moving from one city to another, leaving a long term relationship, and stepping into a new career path I continued to take the essences he prescribed. As I’ve faced the unknown and dealt with the unexpected requirements of starting a new life without much security, I have been amazed at how much poise, calm, inner strength, and composure I’ve been able to muster in the face of what would normally be an overwhelming life passage. I keep wondering what has been keeping me so calm, and then I remember: ‘I’ve been taking Mark’s essences!” I highly recommend them to anyone needing extra support in their lives right now. Thank you Mark for the love and intention you infuse into your creations.”

Kenneth Lawrence Ferguson (Healer, Performance Artist, Teacher), Los Angeles, CA

“The first Flower Essence I tried was Money Plant and I am amazed and thankful. I received the shipment on Friday, took the first 4 drops that afternoon, and by Saturday morning noticed an immediate shift in my perception. The world suddenly was not so dreary and dull, but looked a bit brighter and there were glimpses of interesting possibilities. Some of my long-held anger had been transmuted into joy, and as for abundance, I immediately started getting more orders for my business and more time requested for my services locally. Now, after having gone a whole week, I am still consistently happier and optimistic. The perceived negatives in my life have either disappeared or are manageable, and LIFE IS GOOD! “

Dianne Onstad, San Diego

“Mark is both a fantastic person and a gifted healer.  My work with him continues to be deep, profound, and transformative – always alerting me to new insights and shifts within my life.  Empathetic and helpful, he is skilled at distilling what I’m saying and selecting the most appropriate flower essences for my needs.  He’s also a great resource for other recommendations that might be helpful for my personal journey. I’m grateful to know him and for what he brings to this world.”

Danielle Brennan – Oakland, CA