The Trauma Kit

This kit is composed of flower essences from the forests, fields, mountains, deserts and tropics of North America. The essences in this kit assist with the gentle and deep release of traumatic imprints and related emotions and conditions.

I am pleased to report this kit is now being used by accupuncturists, chiropractors, cranial sacral therapists as well an other flower essence practitioners. This kit has evolved beautifully and longer descriptions are available by request. I offer this kit with full confidence for your healing.

What professionals are saying:

“At Delta Gardens, we frequently find childhood trauma to be an important factor in our clients’ present day health issues. Removing the energetic underpinnings of trauma requires appropriate flower essences. All of the practitioners here use the Essence Alchemy Trauma Kit for this type of work – that is, alleviating illness by releasing trauma. These essences are truly a gift.”

~David Dalton, Delta Gardens – Hampton Falls, NH

“I have been in practice for 20 years and have  seen many amazing healing with the right support. The PROFOUND healing going on in my office now relative to trauma is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Your Trauma Kit is such a valuable tool in my practice now. Without exaggeration, EVERY single patient has needed a minimum of 3 flowers during treatment. Watching the change occur right in front of me blows me away!!!! I’m grateful for your gifts, just wanted to pass that along.”

~Julie Rosenberg, chiropractor – Rockville, MD

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Price: $295.00

The Trauma Kit Includes:

arizona lupine flower essence Arizona Lupine:  
Price: $12.00
This flower essence helps us to harmonize our personal energy within a group so our energy is neither offending, overpowering or shrinking.

Asiatic Day FlowerAsiatic Day Flower: 
Price: $12.00
  Balance by instilling peace; this is an essence for balanced awareness. It connects the brow and belly chakras and helps one to be present with life and move forward with greater ease. It is especially useful when there is a busyness and tendency to be pulled off center. It addresses the unconscious part of us that keeps us over-extended and out of balance.

A wiki wiki

A wiki wiki:  
Price: $12.00
This flower essence is useful when the heart light has gone out from anxiety, repressed emotions, trauma surfacing and/or too much emotional processing. It awakens the heart light and helps connect the heart and mind.

Price: $12.00
This essence is useful when fear blocks our sense of what is possible. It helps emerge into a bright future and is useful for those who long for things to be different. It is beneficial for those who have experienced deprivation and or punishment based on deprivation. Use this essences to address unconscious fear of expansion -it expands our sense of what is possible as we move with life.

Bigelow Monkeyflower

Bigelow Monkeyflower:  
Price: $12.00
This essence helps release the fear of falling from grace, falling out of favor, and fear of deep rejection due past experiences of rejection. It helps us learn to accept and not fear rejected parts of the self, personality and psyche.


Blueberry cactus upcloseBlueberry Cactus:  
Price: $12.00
This essence helps one contact inner softness, good for trauma from a domineering parent related to achievement and success. It is excellent for those who maintain a busy, rigid life by helping such people contact inner softness and quite presence. Blueberry Cactus encourages alpha wave brain states, it helps the physical body relax, and aligns the subtle bodies. A remedy for the Type A overachiever who is learning to re-prioritize the needs of the body and learn the importance of joy and relaxation. It may help with some sleep disturbances

Bouncing BetBouncing Bet: 
Price: $12.00
This essence softens resistance. It helps us face the inevitable aspects of life with less resistance and feel more content with these aspects mentally and emotionally. Also addresses shame and learning the rewards of self nurturing.


California FuschiaCalifornia Fuschia:
Price: $12.00
Safety and confidence to be ones self, empowers those who feel the victim. Helps to connect with the life enhancing energy coded into the 1st chakra, treats a variety of early childhood fears.

Price: $12.00
  For allowing our unique talents and abilities to flourish, good for those who conformed betraying their artistic self to please others; acceptance of self. Trauma that has caused feeling of unworthiness and low self esteem, a remedy for self love, artistry and self esteem.

Confederate VioletConfederate Violet:  
Price: $12.00
For relaxation of the nervous system, helps one to shed identification with pain and trauma and find greater inner peace. Useful in the release process to support stabilization, trust and inner gentleness. Use to enhance ones sense of personal safety and sensitivity, good for sensitive individuals, helps one feels protected and safe. Useful for individuals who were brought up in an insensitive family or community and suffer apprehension and related trauma.

Coyote MintCoyote Mint
Price: $12.00
A powerful clearing essence provides deep mental clarity, psychic clarity, cleanser of negative thought forms helps you to release them from your field and prevent re-absorption. Very useful for with guilt imprints, negative self talk and deep feelings of unworthiness. Addresses all manner of traumatic conditioning.

Deptford PinkDepthford Pink: 
Price: $12.00
  An excellent remedy for women brings softness and clarity; good for the feminine psyche. For trauma that has dulled or degraded the senses in anyway particularly sight.


Desert Canterbury Bells 1Desert Canterbury Bells: 
Price: $12.00
  Good for burnout, lightens a tense heart and throat, for those who operate with much stress and tend to get red in the face.


desert dandelionDesert Dandelion:
Price: $12.00
  Penetrates to the core of tension physical and emotional – particularly anger and other ‘hot’ emotions; helps with smooth, dynamic energy flow in the body.


Desert 4 O'ClockDesert 4 O’Clock: 
Price: $12.00
  Helps to heal damage done to the soft, delicate aspect of the personality, to restore a connection to lightness.



Price: $12.00
  An excellent remedy for dehydration, and ‘dryness’ in the personality. For those suffering from a ‘lack of beauty’ in ones life or a history of such a lack. For replenishing vital forces of water in the soul and psyche.


Price: $12.00
For the deep release of trapped traumatic energy from recesses of the unconscious. This essences get to those ‘hard to reach’ places to clear remnants of trauma.


Price: $12.00
Clarity of mind, allowing for more light to enter, useful for clearing entities.



Ghost Flower: 
Price: $12.00
This essence helps us awaken to a deeper sense of fulfillment. It helps to release imprints of anger, shame, frustration and resentment. Ghost flower helps us let go of the juice of anger and to be nourished by ease and forgiveness it is an uplifting inspirational remedy.

Golden Aster (western):  
Price: $12.00
This flower essence is useful for clearing negative programming. Use when one is consciously working to clear negative beliefs. It can be used on negative beliefs that are identified or unidentified.


HarvestBrodiaea-largeHarvest Brodea:
Price: $12.00
  For enhancing clear seeing and knowing, this essence has an affinity for the eyes and sight, helps one to draw in clarity from higher wisdom, use for clear perception. A remedy for those who compare themselves to others.


images-1Horned Bladderwort:  
Price: $12.00
Helps us to make clear decisions based on inner truth, an excellent remedy to help one see through lies and misconceptions, and dissolves webs of lies and confusion.


Mexican heatherMexican Heather:  
Price: $12.00
For damage to the outgoing masculine part of the psyche, for those who keep secrets, for when parts of the personality hide. Useful when the outgoing masculine was damaged or suppressed, in both men and women. Often there is a shyness, avoidance and hiding when with groups or in group activity. This essence fosters a sense of safety to gently be who one is.


money plantMoney Plant: 
Price: $12.00
This remedy has a few actions, one is it helps us to see money as a universal energy thus allowing more ease and freedom in this area; and it helps to bolster esteem and overcome destructive habits. Opens us to possibility where we feel closed or blocked by fear.


Mountain Apple 2Mountain Apple: 
Price: $12.00
  A cleansing essence for the front and back of the heart chakra allows more spaciousness, good for heart ache and heart break, softens the heart freeing it from old entanglements. An excellent remedy for helping to release the past.


Owl Clover:  
Price: $12.00
To balance and stabilize the body for release of unwanted negative energy, helps the body release unwanted energy through the feet and head. Helps to remove blockages in the chakra system.


Pink Clarkia:  
Price: $12.00
For releasing trauma which has caused an inability to open the heart to romantic relationships, opens one up to tenderness and affection.


rose of sharronRose of Sharon:
Price: $12.00
Good for those who have had distant mothers, soothing and comforting, heals wounding which has caused mistrust.


shooting starShooting Star:
Price: $12.00
For getting in touch with deeper feelings, for feeling a sense of wholeness. Coming home, self acceptance, feeling of being home in the body. Good for ambivalence about being present in the body


Shortleaved Milkwort:  
Price: $12.00
Good for nerves, containment, softening; balances polarized feelings, good for people who are easily frightened, balances extremes helping one to see with greater emotional clarity. The quality of containment this essence produces allows for release and grounding.

sweet pepper bushSweet Pepperbush:  
Price: $12.00
Strengthens vertical connection, a superb remedy for anxiety, a softener, excellent for releasing hardened emotions.



Ti Plant:  
Price: $12.00
 View page This is a powerful essence from the Island of Kauai. The Ti plant was used by the Kahunas to break curses, spells and hexes. This essence is powerful for clearing outside negative influences, it can help to cut cords, clear entities and attachments. The message of this light filled essence is “Clears the Path to Power.”

vinegar weedTrinity Sage: 
Price: $12.00
  Restores natural vitality/balance to the energy system and body, heals disruption and devitalization caused by radiation, technology and mechanization – helps the body heal from over exposure to sun (solar radiation) disruption caused by mechanical and electromagnetic vibrations including cellular, wifi and fluorescent lights helps the body rebalance due to exposure to these types or vibrations. So far I have not found it helpful for nuclear radiation just electromagnetic radiation.

Weed’s Mariposa Lily:  
Price: $12.00
For those who’ve had insensitive unloving mothers; for releasing the pain, anger and sadness, heals the wounding left from an insensitive mother.


Western Mimulus:  
Price: $12.00
For the release of trapped anger and frustration. This rare mutation of the common mimulus has a large red spot on the lip. I have only seen this type of mimulus once in all my outings, with a big red spot on the lip.


White Morning Glory:  
Price: $12.00
For gentle release of deep held memories frees us from binding memories; soothes the nervous system, supports gentle relaxation of the soma.


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