What are flower essences?

Flowers essences are potent sunlight infusions of fresh flowers into spring water. The water holds the living magnetic signature of the flower’s vibrational pattern. They work to shift disharmonious patterns in the energy field. These patterns often manifest as negative emotions, lethargy, confusion, troubling thoughts, physical pain and discomfort.  Flower essences carry a pure vibration and can shift denser energies lodged in the mental and emotional bodies and promote emotional and mental balance. Their psycho therapeutic nature assists with re-patterning our personality expression towards more authenticity, which helps us to discover the positive in our life and journey.

Flower essence are safe tools that help us handle the challenges and growth opportunities of life with ease and grace. Flower essences are superb tools for personal growth and mental and emotional harmony. Flower essences are known to produce lasting positive changes. They work in a self adjusting way that helps us to recognize new possibilities and perspectives critical to our well-being.  They are an ideal compliment to massage, energy work, self development, EFT and psychotherapy.

Brief History

The healing power of flowers has been recognized by many cultures. The ancient Egyptians and Aboriginal people of Australia were some of the earliest cultures to employ flower infused water for healing.  The system of flower essence healing we have today was only codified very recently.

In the 1930′s, Dr. Edward Bach developed the flower essence system of healing we have today. He was a gifted man who was able to connect the dots between  personality and health.  His keen observation of the effect personality has on health led to a new paradigm in healing. This new paradigm takes into account the fact that thoughts and emotions have an impact on health and wellness. He discovered that flower remedies empower the individual by enhancing the subtle communication between the soul or higher self with the personality.

Since the passing of Dr. Bach in 1936 many organizations from around the world have established themselves as leaders in advancing this healing modality. Dr. Bach’s legacy is now being carried on by Flower Essence Services, Healing Herbs, Alaskan Flower Essence Project, Australian Bush Essences and Delta Gardens to name a few. Using Bach’s original technique as well as developing new methods we now have a global repertory of over 1,000 essences to choose from.

Modern Producers

Healing Herbs Ltd. is a maker of Bach remedies.  Led by Julian Barnard, Healing Herbs Ltd. has greatly advanced the work Edward Bach and provided much new and useful information on the remedies.  Today there are a few companies producing the original range of 38 remedies that Bach discovered. Among these companies many professionals choose the Healing Herbs brand, as they feel they have the greatest potency.

FES aka Flower Essence Services has done a great deal to further the research and advancement of flower essence therapy.  They specialize in flower essences from plants growing in California, ranging from the alpine meadows to the deserts.  They are a well respected company and have done much to further the understanding and use of flower essences. FES is the United States distributor of Healing Herbs Ltd.

Ian White of the Bush Biotherapies maker of the Australian Bush Essences has done much to give us a greater understanding of the uses and applications for flower essences. The Bush essences are widely used throughout the world, while not as popular in the US, they are a well respected brand with a good reputation.

Alaskan Flower Essence Project this is mainly the work of Steve Johnson.  As the name implies the focus is on plants from the vast wilderness of Alaska.  They also have a line of Environmental essences, these unique essences are created from the specific environments.  They also carry a large range of essences made from gem stones.

Delta Gardens is a New Hampshire based producers run by David Dalton. The main focus of his work has been on essences created from medicinal plants. While not as well known as some other producers Delta Gardens produces a wide range of essences with potent healing qualities.