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Here are some answers to some common questions about flower essences and this site.

What are flower essences?
The biggest question of all! What are flower essences? Short of magic, they are graceful healing tools made from flowers.  They are vibrational infusions of the energetic patterns of flowers into spring water. 

Are flower essences the same as flower remedies?
Yes, just semantics; Dr. Bach originally referred to his work with flowers as flower remedies and now it is common to see both terms used.

Will flower essences get rid of my problem?
No, but they will help you to live in greater harmony. Thus what you perceive as a ‘problem’ may shift and no longer be a ‘problem’.

If they don’t get rid of my problem what to they do?
They help to soften the emotional body.  This shift fosters greater fluidity especially in areas where we feel stuck. The greater fluidity helps us to shift how we respond to our emotions. Our emotions are meant to be fluid, to have movement, ever notice the word ‘motion’ in emotion. When we get stuck or feel stuck we start to perceive that as a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions about shopping with us.

Q.)What Makes Essence Alchemy a unique place to shop for flower essences?

A.) Because in our store you can craft a personalized flower essence formula. To do this select the “add to dosage bottle” option for any essence you want included in your personal formula. This is like having all the essences before you to mix and max into your own personal formula.

Q.) With so many choices how do I choose the right essences for my formula?

A.) Being that our aim is simplify choosing and buying flower essences, we set up a “Shop by Category” section.  And, because this site is operated by an active flower essence practitioner you can always request help or schedule a consultation. We’ve also designed a “Self Help Guide”. To receive the self help guide sign up for our monthly newsletter or contact me directly.

Q.) Is your website secure?

A.) Yes, all transactions are handled by Paypal a trusted and secure e-commerce payment processor. You can safely place your order with us through Paypal without creating a Paypal account.

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Q.) Why should I shop with you?

A). Essence Alchemy is on a mission to educate the public about the benefits of flower essences and every bit of support helps. Plus we care about our customers and we are here to help you with any questions you may have.

FAQ’s about working with flower essences therapeutically.

One Offs -vs- Long Term Care
The value of working together over time cannot be over stressed, long term care is a vital to the healing process. By working together over time we have the opportunity to dive deep and uncover the roots of our biggest challenges. So while one offs are helpful, I love it when my clients commit to work together for at least 3 months as the benefits to be gained this way exceed what can be done in one session. 

Self Treatment -vs- Working with a Specialist
I understand many people like to experiment with self treatment, this was how I first learned about essences. Self treatment is a fun endeavor but I do encourage working with a specialist. Because of the tremendous value an outside opinion and view point provides. We cannot see our blind spots, that is why they are called blind spots. The work I do with clients is a mix of coaching and therapy. I use the past and future as  guides to understanding the present. Then I find the right essences that support personal growth and development. 

Power of Commitment
When we make a commitment it activates powerful forces in the universe. Because we are energy and energy needs to be directed and commitment is a great way to direct our energy, focus and potential. The power harnessed through commitment will serve your healing journey. In whatever healing path you undertake whether it is working with me or another person consider how you will use the power of your commitment to serve your well being.

Resistance is normal. Yes, I will say it, it is normal for you to want to resist making a commitment to the healing process or even addressing what needs healing. We ever  are always moving towards homeostasis and change work, threatens this. It forces you to re-calibrate and you will have to shift to find a new balance. When we come up against resistance simple acknowledge it as a natural part of the process and then  proceed towards your highest potential.