Beauty Bush flower essence of the Month for March 2024

March 06, 2024

Beauty Bush flower essence of the Month for March 2024

Beauty Bush flower essence is part of the Trauma kit. It comes from a shrub whose white flowers are veined with orange. The first aspect I tuned into was this essence helps us ‘emerge’ into a brighter future. Emerge meaning: move out of or away from something and come into view. It can be used to addresses a fear of expansion related to allowing ourselves to dream bigger and ask for more.

Beauty Bush Flower Essence for fears

Beauty Bush flower essence is good when a sense of gloom and foreboding comes over us as fear arises. This feeling of gloom often has roots in childhood, early incarnation or possibly in utero. It can catch us off guard because it's an unconscious fear. In my practice I find this fear surfaces in clients as they grow with life and ask for more.

This fear lays hidden in the unconscious and surfaces at times of growth and transformation. It is often triggered as we grow and and say either through words or actions that we want more. I often see this in clients who suffered punishment based on deprivation.

When to Use Beauty Bush Flower Essence

Use Beauty Bush flower essence when you are actively wanting to create or build more. It helps us gently let go of energetic restrictions to allow an expansion of our energy field. It supports confidence and can help counter shame based abuse. 

Expansion is a natural part of life as we grow personally, emotionally and spiritually we are called to expand our sense of what is possible. Beauty Bush flower essence can help us breath in the beauty life has to offer.

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