Red Penstemon April 2024 Essence of the Month

April 02, 2024

Red Penstemon April 2024 Essence of the Month

Our April essence of the month is Red Penstemon flower essence. Red Penstemon (penstemon eatonii) has bright fire engine red flowers. These flowers are a stark contrast to the dry hillsides of summer in Southern California. These plants thrive in heat and sun of the high desert woodlands and open plateau of Southern California. The color of their flowers seems to embody the heat.

Sun and Resilience

I can recall the day I first made the Red Penstemon flower essence. It was June and I headed to a spot high up in the backcountry of Ventura county. Up here the sun bakes the earth under cloudless skies. In situations like this I take every precaution to stay protected. And, to find this plant out in the full summer sun holding it's own provides insight to it's use as a flower essence.

Preparing this essence out in the heat and sun can be taxing. So I sought  refuge under a pine tree as there was very little shade to be found. The sun can sap our energy and over exposure in conditions like this can lead to heat stroke. Here I was doing everything to not wilt and this plant is fine.

The plant like these conditions. This is when it's at it's apex and here is a clue. In my initial research I found it useful when we feel we may collapse or if we feel overwhelmed due to perceived challenge. Since that time I've had the opportunity to work in the clinic with this plant. 

Meeting the Challenge

An interesting example of the fortitude red penstemon flower essence imparts is from a case last year. I was working with a 70 yr old woman who was intimidated by technology. She was in the consulting business and needed to make adjustments to her website. She found the task daunting and overwhelming. I gave her Red Penstemon to addresses this.

In our follow up her voice sounded confident and proud. She had taken on the challenge of updating her website and succeeded. For months this had been weighing on her. And, in the 4 weeks of using this essence she was able to access the willingness and energy and just do it.

Consider using this essence when there is a project or task which takes the wind out of you just by thinking about it. Red Penstemon flower essence puts you in touch with inner fortitude and willingness. You will notice what once seemed daunting now seems possible. Consider using this before any competition you engage in.

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