Monkshood flower essence February Essence of the Month

February 03, 2024

Monkshood flower essence February Essence of the Month

Monkshood also known as Aconite is a type of delphinium which is under the ranunculaceae family. Other plants in this family include buttercup, columbine, and larkspur. The Essence Alchemy Monkshood flower essence was made high up in an alpine meadow and is part of the Mt. Shasta Kit.

The Mt. Shasta Kit has a special place in our range of essence kits. This kit has a potent and clear vibration holding some of the light and energy of Mt. Shasta. This kit supports deeper personal development and spiritual connection.

Monkshood flower essence for Our Spiritual Life

Whether we consider ourselves spiritual or not this dimension can have a deep impact on our life. An area where Monkshood flower essence is key is aiding the healing of spiritual trauma(s). Trauma of this nature can lead to feelings of vague even abstract fear(s). Fears that seem to not correlate with the security of daily life. And, it can help us develop trust and a deeper spiritual connection within ourselves.

I worked with a client who as a young girl had the experience of derealization. After that experience she many fears which plagued her day to day life. After using Monkshood flower essence for 2 months she noticed a sharp decrease in her level of fear.

Another case that stands out is a young man who had numerous bouts of strong fear and feelings of dread. The feelings seemed to come out of nowhere and led to feelings of heaviness and worry. After using monkshood flower essence for a month these feelings subsided. He reported a feeling of trust developed along with a sense that he was on the right path.

From the two examples above we see how monkshood flower essence aids a secure spiritual connection. When this connection is disrupted a sense inner authority or access to the part of the self which has a deeper knowing is impacted.
Monkshood flower essence is valuable in this area of healing and personal development.This then leads to a sense of trust, well being, and strength.

Monkshood flower essence supports the posture of spiritual groundedness. This helps us contain our spiritual light which cloaks us in a gentle protective veil. Monkshood is found in the Mt. Shasta and can be ordered via the link below.

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