River of Support - Essence of the Month January 2024

January 07, 2024

River of Support - Essence of the Month January 2024

In my monthly features I tend to favor a single flower essence or gem elixir. To start 2024 off I am featuring a blend I designed 4 years ago. 2020 was a threshold year and one unlike any of us had ever seen. The changes and uncertainty were trying for many people.

A few months into 2020 I designed the River of Support formula to offer buoyancy and balance. I wanted something the would offer support and flexibility to move through change with grace and resilience.

The title points to 2 things:

1. The need for a feeling of support riding the rivers of change

2. This blend contains a river environmental essence

River of Support Components:

Angelica: This sweet flower essence has a soothing and calming action. It offers a deep sense of holding and protection.

Borage: This is a universal essence for courage. It has a wonderful uplifting and grounding quality. If offers a sense of hope when we feel weighed down or despondent about life.

Pink Mebomia: This essence helps counter depressive moods. It is motivating, and helps us orient towards goal directed behavior and cut through confusion. It also serves to bolster a stressed energy field.

River: This environmental essence offers a sense of peace, lightness and ease. It aids flexibility and the ability to flow with life.

White Lotus: This flower essence helps balance the chakra system. This can bring an overall sense of peace and feeling of equilibrium.

Wild Pansy: This is a wonderful essence for easing seasonal discomfort.

The River of Support blend is wonderful to use during times of transition, when we feel upended and in trying emotional times.Transition and change can bring resistance and discomfort. Use this blend when you want support finding your ground navigating the rivers of change.


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