An overview of our Flower Essence Kits

June 19, 2024

An overview of our Flower Essence Kits

This blog will briefly outline each flower essence kit we offer. Each kit has a different energy and my goal is to help you understand what makes each kit unique. The kits are listed by size. If you were to ask me if I have a favorite - I would say it depends on the month. And, currently I am enjoy the Ojai Kit this month.

The 16 Bottle Flower Essence Kits

The Mt. Shasta Kit 
These essences were carefully made in an alpine meadow high up on the mountain. The quality of light and air of Mt. Shasta lends itself to clarity and the environment carries a crystalline vibration. This region where these essences were made is vast with few people. The elemental forces here are strong and the plants communicated very clearly, it was a joy to make these essences!

The French Collection
These essences were made in a region of southern France 🇫🇷 where cave art over 30,000 years old was discovered. This area has been inhabited by humans for thousands of years. This is in contrast to a place like Mt. Shasta. This is region with deep river valleys, rural farm land, and ancient Roman roads. The themes of this kit are family, ancestors, relationships, and body.

The River Kit
These essences were co-created in the Thousand Island region of Upstate NY. Here the St. Lawrence River is the border between Canada and the US and it's dotted with a thousand islands. Some islands have settlements others are just rock and plants. Up here the summer days are long and the sunsets stretch on into the late evenings. This kit has a beauty to it. It supports many aspects of the self to flourish. The energies of this kit are containment, fullness and flow.

The 36 Bottle Flower Essence Kits

The Trauma Kit
This is our most widely used kit. The name "Trauma Kit" was bestowed upon it by a practitioner who found it to be vital for shifting trauma imprints which block the energy of health and well being. The essences in this kit are from a range of environments including mountains, deserts, fields, forests and island tropics of N. America.

The Garden and Herb Kit
This user friendly kit is composed of wild-crafted and organically grown plants. Many of these plants are familiar in the herbal tradition. This kit has a wide range of applications in it you will find essences to support confidence, esteem, protection and release to name a few. This kit dovetails nicely with many of the kits we offer.

The Gem Elixir Kit
This kit contains gems, minerals and metals. I consider the elixirs from this kit to be the geometric siblings to flower essences. The elixirs are useful for facilitating healing and balancing of the chakras and various systems of the body. They are a wonderful compliment when used in conjunction with flower essences.

The Ojai Kit our 52 Bottle Flower Essence Kit
The Ojai Kit is our largest group of essences, it contains 52 single essences. The essences from this kit span all four seasons and each month. The essences also span a variety of environments. I share this because the different season and environments carry different energy which is carried over to the essences.

The World Tree Kit our 3o Bottle Flower Essence Kit
This dynamic and diverse collection is composed of 30 flower essences from trees. Trees act as anchors for soil and the atmosphere. They offer food, shade, and housing to numerous birds and mammals. This collection is made from the flowers using the sun method. In general trees support the root chakra and with that said this diverse kit has a lot to offer.

The Shame Hack Kit our 15 Bottle Flower Essence Kit
The Shame Hack Kit contains 15 formulas to address a variety of neuro-emotional complexes. It was co-created at the direction of Dolan Mayeda a chiropractor in San Diego California. The blends in this kit are based on affirmations which counter  shame imprints. Names of the blends include I am Enough, I am Worthy etc . . . after the Trauma Kit this is 2nd most popular kit among practitioners.

The Combination Kit our 12 Bottle Flower Essence Kit
The Combination Kit contains 12 researched and developed blends to address common themes. Originally this was designed for non-professional use but it is now used widely by many professionals. This is a great introduction set. Each of these formulas is blended at the stock level dilution. This means they act a single essence and can be blended together.

The Citrus Kit our 8 Bottle Flower Essence Kit
The Citrus Kit is a collection of 8 Citrus essences. The major theme of this group is softening of the emotional and mental bodies. Other themes include clarity, relaxation, acceptance and joy.

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