The Shame Hack Kit

Essence Alchemy

The Shame Hack Kit contains 15 dynamic and potent flower and gem essence blends. Their potency is the result of their combined synergy. Created, tested, refined and distilled in a clinic and through trials with the public. They were originally created to accompany the Shame Hack process. They are useful in other areas of clinical practice especially involving NEC’s and related areas involving psycho/emotional challenges.

To help address the emotional and spiritual bodies is why the Shame Hack flower essences were created. Feelings are conduits where spiritual energy can come into being. Feelings allow you to connect and bring forth what’s in your heart. Resolving your hurt and pain in those areas helps to remove blocks that may impede you from feeling and connecting in other areas of your life and to the world around you. These flower essence formulas were created to help you embody the truth of who you are, to help you live knowing and feeling your truth.