2024 Reflections and Support Essences

July 11, 2024

2024 Reflections and Support Essences

We are a little over half way through 2024 and it feels like a full year already! From what I've heard and continue to hear 2024 has been challenging for many people. Between personal struggles and the collective global issues there is a lot being stirred for folks. The themes I am seeing in my work are:

  • intolerance/anger
  • fatigue
  • uncertainty
  • despondency
  • confusion

It is also wise to acknowledge not everyone is having these challenges. And, these are the big ones people are experiencing. Yes, feelings are normal it is when they get stuck that they require our attention. Flower essences offer a simple way to support yourself. Below I've outlined a few Essence Alchemy flower essences to help navigate difficulties.

Flower Essence Support

For remaining flexible - Bush Mallow This flower essence helps with emotional flexibility. Use it when you feel an emotional hardness and rigidity start to take hold.

For intolerance and anger - Holly and/or Rose Quartz The holly flower essence and rose quartz gem elixir both help with easing feelings of anger and intolerance. The accentuate feelings of unconditional love, and assuage feelings of jealousy, hate and bitterness. 

For uncertainty - A wiki wiki When anxiety overtakes our mind it also disconnects us from our heart. A wiki wiki is a wonderful antidote to and it restores our connection to our higher self. If you feel. your 'heart light' has gone out it is a good indication that a wiki wiki is useful.

For Confusion - Lemon I am including Lemon flower essence for it's ability to support clarity of mind. This is different than uncertainty, it a lack of focus/distraction which leads to confusion. We are swimming in an overwhelming amount of information. This can cause an inability to find clarity which can dog us when tasked with simple decisions. Lemon restores a vibrancy of mind.

For Despondency - Borage and/or Explorer's Gentian Both these flower essences offer a buoyant energy and are great to use when our energy becomes heavy and lethargic. Borage flower essence helps restore confidence and courage. Explorer's Gentian flower essence address fatigue caused by despondency. In their ways each restores optimism and a sense of potential when we lose faith.

These Essence Address Overlapping Themes

There is an overlap and interrelationship between the emotional themes. I share these so you the reader can gain insight into how to apply these essences to your experience. We receive holistic by touching the different aspects of our situation.

Here is a simplified example of how one thing can decompensate and begin to ripple out. Emotional hardness can foster feelings of anger and resentment. Extended periods of anger and resentment can lead despondency. Despondency can lead to fatigue, pessimism and confusion.  

So in this case we would start with Bush Mallow to helps us stay emotionally flexible. And, depending on other factors possible support essences would include Holly, Borage, and or Lemon flower essence.

How to Use:

It is best to start with 1-3 essences listed above and use them at a dosage of 3 drops each 3 times a day. Take them for a minimum of 4 weeks and then use them on an as needed basis. The dosage and frequency suggested should support positive shifts in perception and response to life.

All of the flower essences listed above are available on our website. You can search for each essence. And, if you need any help feel free to reach out.


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