Bush Mallow Flower Essence of the Month July 2024

July 01, 2024

Bush Mallow Flower Essence of the Month July 2024

The mallow family of plants is large and fills the spring landscape with pastel colored flowers. The species Bush Mallow is endemic to Southern California where it grows in the chaparral terrain. The Bush mallow flower essence we offer was made in Ojai, CA. This flower essence carries a tenderness and encourages relating from the heart one can say it's application is timely and needed right now. 

Bush Mallow Flower Essence

Bush mallow flower essence encapsulates softness. It is indicated for a hardening of the emotional body and for those who have trouble connecting with others. It  helps tone down aggressive feelings towards people we don't like. The flower essence helps ease hurt and angry feelings and help us maintain openness and vulnerability.

Social Security

Bush mallow flower essence  works with the second chakra and its relationship to the heart chakra. By helping unite the two in greater harmony our social awareness increases. This powerful and important function assists personal growth on many levels. The more compassion and warmth we bring to and express in the social sphere the greater the possibility for connection, authenticity and love.

How and When to Use:

Bush mallow flower essence supports and encourages social inclusion. It is a good for those who struggle to connect with others. It is wonderful for children who struggle in this way, especially when changing grades or schools. Consider it for those with emotional hardness from past painful experiences. Bush mallow flower essence is useful when emotional softening is called for.

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