Pink Sapphire Gem Elixir of the Month for October

October 01, 2023

Pink Sapphire Gem Elixir of the Month for October

Sapphires come in many colors with blue being the most popular. But, there are also yellow, white, and pink sapphires. I have a fondness for sapphires and the pink variety is one of my favorites. This month I want to shine the light on Pink Sapphire gem elixir.

Pink Sapphire Gem Elixir

Gem elixirs are similar to flower essences in that they allow us to access energetics of a mineral/gem in an easy to use form. When simpatico gem elixirs deeply support and aid the growth and healing process. They are wonderful partners with flower essences for healing support. 

In our society the dominant energies are competition, greed and antagonism. This and the pace of our world leads to tension rather than friendliness and generosity. The Pink Sapphire gem elixir is a balm and helps to counter the energies of hostility and stress. It can helps us learn how to be more relational and amicable.

Pink sapphire gem elixir helps us tune into the energy of the heart chakra. And it is one my go to essences to support people to understand the power of the heart and the power of compassion. This elixir helps people access friendliness, kindness and it is a gentle aid to support openness. It helps us learn to live a deeper quality of embodied love, soften emotionally, and express ourselves from a heart centered place.

Use Pink Sapphire gem elixir for people who've endured emotional and sexually abusive partners. It can help men become more emotionally available. Combined  with Pink Clarkia this elixir can help people who've been single for a while and are ready to find, give and receive love.

This  all around useful elixir can be found in our Gem elixir kit.


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