Olive - July Essence of the Month

July 04, 2023

Olive - July Essence of the Month

Humans have been in partnership with olive trees for thousands of years. This tree is woven into the lives many in the Mediterranean. Images of ancient olive groves from this region are spellbinding. Olive trees can live and produce fruit for thousands of years. These trees are known to be hardy and can withstand very harsh conditions. They will go fallow to preserve their strength. This is a feature, the ability to rest that ensures their long life.

Olive flower essence for Renewal

Olive flower essence supports renewal of core energy and vitality. There is a sort of counterintuitive action to Olive flower essence. At first when using this essence it can lead to feelings of tiredness or fatigue and increase our appetite for sleep.

This often comes as a shock to people and does bring with it protest. I was working with a client, a powerful woman who managed a large organic farm and all it's complexities. This work load which demanded a lot of her. And, on top of this she was helping family navigate relational challenges.

As such she was exhausted and not sleeping well all. This was taking a toll on her and she was running on fumes. I gave her Olive flower essence among a few others. After a few days she emailed to tell me she was sleeping long and deep but felt exhausted. With the help of Olive flower essence she was slowing down and resting. But, this meant she could not continue at the pace she had been operating at. This took her by surprise and she did not like it, though it was benefiting her inner energy in the long term.

Olive flower essence areas of use

This flower essence has helped me an many others navigate the toll chronic illness has on the body. Situations like chronic Lyme and other infections can really deplete the life force. I have found Olive flower essence very useful over the years for helping one to regain steam.

This is a great essence for insomnia. It aids in cycling down so we can rest. This can also be a great flower essence for draining effects summertime heat.

To aid recuperation after illness consider combining Olive with Explorer's Gentian. To aid with summer heat consider a combination of Desert Lily, Olive and Yarrow flower essences.

This Olive flower essence is part of the Ojai Kit.

Explorer's Gentian is part of the Mt. Shasta Kit, Desert Lily is part of the Trauma Kit and Yarrow is part of the Garden and Herb Kit.

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