New and Improved White Sage Spray

July 17, 2020

White sage flower essence and white sage space clearing spray are used to clearing negative energy.

Over the years I've developed a close relationship with the White Sage plant. When I give white sage flower essence to clients I am impressed by the ability of this flower essence to clear negativity. In the past few years I've deepened my relationship with this plant. I now distill the ethically wild craft white sage for it's essential oil and hydrosol.

The distilling process has led me to a new understanding of white sage's cleansing energy. Each time a distill a new batch of white sage essential oil and hydrosol there is a distinct energy shift in the air.  It first it feels like a bolt of electricity pulsing and expanding through my field. Then the space become lighter and clearer. Upon completion of the distillation the room is filled with a bright fresh energy akin to cleansing of a late afternoon thunderstorm.

White Sage Hydrosol

White Sage hydrosol has a milky white appearance the scent is sweet, herbaceous, and slightly medicinal.The energy of this hydrosol is uplifting and expansive. It is   superb at removing dense energy. Hydrosol is the water component of the essential oil steam distillation process

The White Sage Spray is now made with 3 alchemical components: the White Sage hydrosol, essential oil, and White Sage flower essence concentrate. The hydrosol adds a bouncy roundedness and sweet pleasant aroma. The White Sage flower essence concentrate helps to ground this spray and the essential oil brings balance to its cleansing properties.

White sage has been an ally to the indigenous peoples of Southern California and Baja California for centuries. The plant is exuberant and thrives in the harsh conditions of drought and the intense sun of the region. I love the way the sun releases the plants dry heady aroma in all seasons. Those familiar with smuding would enjoy this spray. This spray is concentrated so a little goes a long way.

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