My Journey with Lyme Part 2 - The Revealing

June 12, 2020

California Sagebrush flower essence from the Ojai flower essence kit

Part 2  The Revealing:

I confirmed my suspicion by consulting a colleague who works with kineseology aka muscle testing. I confirmed my suspicion, I tested positive for Lyme and Babesia. Babesia is a malaria like protozoa and is a common Lyme co-infection. Common babesia symptoms include an intense need to sleep, rage, anger, chest and rib pains and heart palpitations. I started using a round of flower essences mostly from the teasel family and from the artemisia family. I immediately felt better. The fog lifted, the pounding heart beat subsided, the rib and chest pain abated, and a sense of okay-ness returned.

Flower essences work to shift energy patterns and vibration. And, in addressing the symptoms of lyme and other microbes they can be a profound ally. Often times these microbes can live deep in the system. They thrive in hard to reach places and it is not uncommon to find them in the mouth, deep in muscle tissue are in a traumatized area of the body. Microbes are opportunists they will choose areas that are out of reach. Unless you get the microbe soon after infection it can hide and colonize. It will colonize in areas with little blood flow. Our bodies have ways of dealing with microbes but if our white blood cells can’t get to them they will thrive.

Being that flower essences work on the energetic level they are able to affect these microbes. Throughout the next week I self treated with flower essences every few days. I talked with my colleague two weeks later and received another round of essences. It became clear during my healing process that a few key factors needed to be addressed. One of the most pertinent areas in need of attention was the lingering imprints of trauma on my system.

During my time of actively addressing the microbes in my system with flower essences I also relied on adjunct therapies. Two of the most beneficial therapies I used were saunas and hot springs. These therapies not only helped my physically feel better but they also brought tremendous emotional and psychological relief. Anyone who has gone through lyme and similar infections knows they has critters can affect the emotions and mind in ways that just as painful. I also found the herb eleuthero ginseng to be a great use to boost motivation and well being.

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