Motherwort - August Essence of the Month

August 03, 2023

Motherwort - August Essence of the Month

Motherwort flower essences is one of my favorite and most useful essences. This plant is a member of the mint family can be found in fields or at the edge of a forest or woodlot. The plant's has a square stalk like other mints and distinct pointed leaves. The flowers while small are quite pretty. They are pink and white and many hairs while not overly showy they interesting to observe up close.

Motherwort the "NO" fail essence

I frequently use Motherwort flower essence in my practice. The results are very consistent and the term "No fail" is in regards to it's precise actions which are:

  • helps people find the courage to say "No"
  • helps people end unbalanced/unhealthy relationships
  • helps balance aggression/passivity in the personality

Two Client Experiences

1.) 20 years ago I had my first flower essence client. Working with her taught me a lot about Motherwort flower essence. The client a timid woman lived alone and was in a questionable relationship. In the consult she made it clear that boundaries were a challenge. When I hear this motherwort comes to mind one.

When we met for our 2nd monthly session she shared that she ended an unhealthy relationship and friendship. This is a common reaction when people use motherwort flower essence, they end unfulfilling and unhealthy relationships. It brings out an assertiveness in the person.

2.) Here is a recent client example that follows a similar track. A young woman I was working with had been dating a man for about a year. At this point in the relationship she was wanting a greater level of commitment. Often people will continue in a relationship like this because it meets some needs. But, after a while a lack of commitment can leave one feeling empty handed. This sort of pattern is common and has roots in our relationship with our primary care givers.

I added motherwort flower essence to her dosage bottle sensing it would help her find clarity. After one cycle of the motherflower essence she voiced her relationship needs. Sadly, her desire for deeper commitment was not mutual and with a heavy heart she ended the relationship. And, in the follow up call she began to share about the disconnected relationship she had with her father.

Concluding Thoughts

There is a natural evolution which happens when working with flower essences. It is the beauty of this modality and I see it all the time. The unfolding happens naturally and issues to address make themselves known at the right time. These are just two examples out of many. I hope you enjoyed reading this and learning a little more about this flower essence. You can purchase the Motherwort flower essence via the option below.

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