Money Plant Flower Essence

November 06, 2020

Money Plant Flower Essence

Money plant is a native European wild flower where it is common along roadsides, meadow edges and forest edges. Money Plant has gorgeous purple flowers and there are white and a variegated white/purple variety. The Money Plant flower essence made by Essence Alchemy is of the purple variety. Like other transplants from Europe money plant has found a home here in North America.

The bright color of the purple flower stands out in dappled spring light. This signature of a plant that grows at the edge helps us to understand this flower essence. The money plant flower essence works in few ways, one is to support a person’s belief in their inherent worthiness. In this culture worthiness is often tied to net worth, income and financial status. The money plant flower essence is here to treat this narrow perspective. And, support us in reclaiming our inherent worthiness.

The sense that we are worthy for what we do and not for who we are has led to great distortion and disruption. For those not in line with the goal oriented way of achievement often feel out-of-place or misunderstood. They often rebel in gross and subtle ways, the rebellion can be against themselves or others. This rebellion can often take the form of self-destructive and defeating behaviors acting from a place of unworthiness.

The self-destructive behavior I am referring to may or may not be big. It can be a subtle self neglect patterns which reinforce feelings of unworthiness. And, often one is not aware of the deeper intent behind pattern. Money plant flower essence helps us to emerge from our own subtle shadows, those places in us where dappled light prevails.

Telling little white lies, stretching the truth, and other forms of deceit are characteristics of those needing this remedy. Often those in need of money plant flower essence have had an overly assertive parent who stifled the healthy assertiveness of their child. This not only crushes ones sense of worthiness but also leads to the form of quite rebellion mentioned above.

The last interesting aspect of Money Plant flower essence I want to mention is that it helps us to see money as energy. It helps us broaden our perspective of money from the solid tangible to the energetic. This supports us to free ourselves from some of the limitations we have around money. And, often times it can lead to us being more receptive to abundance, prosperity, and even money!

Indications: poor relationship with money, feelings of inferiority, low self worth, good for people with a softer more receptive nature who don’t know how to value themselves, unbalanced relationship with receiving

Healing potential: openness and receptivity, seeing, acknowledging and letting go of rebellious, deceitful and self destructive behaviors which block feelings of worthiness and value, helps one see money as an energy and better align with it as an energy.

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