Holly and Gold - Flower and Gem of the Month December 2022

December 03, 2022

Holly and Gold - Flower and Gem of the Month December 2022

Holly Flower Essence

The Holly tree with it's thorny, glossy leaves, and red berries stands out in the December forest. Along with Pine, Holly is a symbol for winter holiday season. The leaves have a design which protect the tree's thin bark. We ca see this added boundary as a metaphor f holly flower essence. 

Anger can be useful for it acts as a boundary. But, when anger is persistent and ongoing it becomes toxic. When anger, annoyance and frustration are the go to responses to people and events around us it poisons relationships and erodes healthy connections, connections we need as a humans.

Holly flower essence and the heart

There is a generosity of spirit which comes from using Holly flower essence. This leads to an open heartedness, kindness, acceptance, and bolstering of our inherent loving nature. I believe our true nature is kind, loving and tolerant. At times these feelings are hard to access or feel covered up.This may be due to traumas, rejection and unkindness from others.

Holly flower essence is an antidote to such bitterness and contention. I truly feel it is one of the most useful flower essences for our world. I say this because Holly softens the edges of a hardened heart. It helps us to stop seeing the other as adversary. It brings about an openness of the heart that is willing to forgive and accept. A genuine loving kindness emerges and it is from this place that healing occurs. Holly flower essence fits well with the messages of the holiday season which include love,generosity, togetherness, kindness, and acceptance.

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Gold Gem Elixir

Gold has strong associations with solar energy, it is the Winter Solstice which heralds the return of the sun. From the winter solstice on sunlight hours begin to grow. Gold has been a part of spiritual and healing traditions for centuries. The mystic saint Hildegard von Gingen associated the healing power of gold with the sun. It has been revered for it's purity and as a standard for value the world over.

As a gem elixir gold offers range of uses. It is excellent elixir to support feelings of worthiness and deserving. The holidays are both the season giving and receiving thus it makes it a good time to explore our feelings of worthiness. Gold gem elixir supports feelings of worthiness, self esteem and inner strength. It is also wonderful to use as a general strengthener for the entire energy system.

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Thank you for reading and Happy Holidays to you all!

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