Chaparral Currant flower essence

November 21, 2022

Chaparral Currant flower essence

Chaparral Currant grows in Southern and Central California. It has fragrant leaves boasting pink, red, and white flowers. The flowers appear in the winter and bloom through early spring. Finding this plant and coming to make this flower essence was quite magical as it set off a renewed expedition which led to a new flower essence kit, The Ojai Flower Essence Kit. 

Guided to the Plant

Before moving to Ojai, CA in the fall of 2012 I spent the previous 2 years developing 3 new flower essence kits. The French Collection in the spring of 2010, the Shasta Kit in the summer of 2011 and the River Kit in the summer of 20212. Upon moving to Ojai I knew I had a good deal of research to conduct and as such I was not 'looking' to make any new essences.

One morning during my daily meditation practice I received a clear pull to an area at the east end of the Ojai valley. Later that day I followed that feeling, mind you it was February and I did not expect to find any flowers. But, lo and behold I was led to a Chaparral Currant bush in full flower. My guides who assist the essence making got the message across and with that Chaparral Currant became the first of many flower essences I made in Ojai.

Healing Potential of Chaparral Currant flower essence

Interestingly enough this essence was made on Valentine's day. The timing of this gives insight as to it's application. Looking back at my notes here are early insights:

  • a remedy for embodied love
  • an emotional heart healer
  • warms the heart with a feeling of fullness
  • supportive when we feel alone

Valentine's Day can trigger those old heart feelings such as feeling forsaken in love, heart ache, and difficulty with love relationships.

I use this flower essence to address consequences of heartbreak and loneliness. We all encounter periods were we feel forlorn, isolated, and on our own. Chaparral currant flower essence supports a fullness of the heart chakra which is experienced as a sense of warmth and buoyancy.

Longer term impacts of emotional pain can be addressed by this essence. It helps us learn to be honest and true with our emotions. As a result it helps us live a more heart centered life and embody our own emotional fulfillment.

Here are some specific indication for using this essence.

Use for fear of abandonment, fear that arises during transitions; for those who feel alone, empty and disconnected.This can help us redefine ourselves based on larger truths as we move towards feeling more whole.

Use for heart ache due to relationship pain and loss of a loved one. This essence also is useful for old grief which causes fatigue and confusion.

Builds resilience and strengthens the heart chakra, keeping the heart strong and soft, a remedy of embodied love. Activates the gravitational forces of the heart and deepens compassion for self and others.

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