California Golden Violet flower essence - Courage to Speak

January 16, 2023

California Golden Violet flower essence - Courage to Speak

California Golden Violet flower essence impresses me time and time again. This bright petite flower just screams with energy. I remember the day in late spring when I happened upon this plant. I was scouting in an area very dear to me, the Sespe Wilderness north east of the town of Ojai, CA. I found this violet growing on a sunny slope a patch of pine trees. I was drawn to this flower in a way I knew an essence was to being called to be made.

California Golden Violet flower essence supports the throat chakra and all manner of speaking and finding our voice. It is especially helpful if we feel shy or timid with regards to speaking. There are many reasons some people do not feel comfortable speaking freely. 

Power,  Risk, and Connection

There is a power in communication. We see this example with so many exemplary figures, not least of whom is Dr. Martin Luther King. His words had and still have real power. He used his voice to galvanize others to take action and create change. He did so regardless of the fact that he was met with aggression and repression. Those opposed to him and what he stood for feared the power of his words. 

What you have to share doesn't have to have the gravity of the example above. But, that does not diminish it's importance to you. A support which this essence offers is our ability to access courage in the face of risk. Because when we open our mouth we don't know how what we share will be received. If self consciousness holds you back you could benefit from this essence.

We can create real connection through the power of our words, there is a generosity when we share in this way. When I use this essence with clients the feedback is often inspiring because time and time again it helps people come out of their shell and make social contact. California Golden Violet flower essence can help us access the courage needed to share and speak with freedom, ease, and conviction.

This essences is good for:

  • children who feel shy talking
  • adults who feel their voice is stifled
  • when one feels nervous talking about certain topics
  • those who want to bridge with their communications
  • writers, actors, therapists, singers
  • or anyone who wants support with their throat chakra

Use this essence to counter self censorship and difficulty with speaking and sharing. California Golden Violet flower essence can be found in the Ojai flower essence kit.

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