California Fuchsia Flower Essence

August 07, 2020

California Fuchsia Flower Essence

California fuchsia is a perennial wildflower native to California. It blooms late in the season after most plants are spent. The red tubular flower can be spotted from August through December along hillsides, roadsides and along ridges. For 9 years I have been researching the California fuchsia flower essence. In this post I will share what I know and learned about the California fuchsia flower essence.

One notable effect of California fuchsia flower essence is on vitality. Our vitality is impacted by physical, emotional and psychological factors as well as health choices, i.e., food quality, exercise habits and use of recreational substances. These are all core choices and that have their roots in emotional and psychological factors.

California Fuchsia Flower Essence and the Root Chakra

California fuchsia flower essence affects the root chakra, enhancing its tone and vibration with vibrant red energy. This effect is often felt immediately. The root chakra contains encoded patterns related to beliefs about health, survival, safety and security. The patterns relate to physical health and deeper emotional and psychological imprints regarding health. One might say this is where health starts in our beliefs about health and ourselves.

California fuchsia flower essence enhances the life affirming thought patterns and beliefs related to health and well being. This strengthening effect of the root chakra eases confusion and lethargy which deplete vitality. California fuchsia flower essence helps us to embody core positive beliefs which support health and well being. This enhances our core belief in our self as we access deeper levels of health and vitality.

Stemming the lose of energy

We lose a great deal of vitality through confusion, depression, and feeling lost or disconnected from life and the world. The sense of being un-rooted blocks us from receiving the nurturing vitality of life force, throwing off our sense of being firm and resilient in life. California fuchsia flower essence helps us access vitality on many levels. With this vitality comes a clarity and a sense that it is safe to move forward.

Indications: low vitality, confusion, apathy, lethargy, lack of belief in self, poor boundaries, out of touch with personal preferences, lack of stability and nurturing in early life

Healing Potential: vitality, enthusiasm, well being clarity of goals and personal will and identity, clearer boundaries based on knowing what one wants, sense of moving forward with clarity, resilience and healing of early patterns of health imbalances.

California fuchsia flower essence is a found in The Trauma Kit.

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