April Essence of the Month - The Detox Spray

April 03, 2023

April Essence of the Month - The Detox Spray

The Detox Spray  was created to support energetic hygiene for our homes, personal energy field, and spaces. This spray helps to cleanse and dispel disharmonious, darkened, dense, depleting, and un-grounded energy. It works quickly and smoothly to re-harmonize the energy of a space, helping to return a balanced, clear, and neutral state.

Origin Story

In 2010 I spent 3 months in rural France where homes are given a name and are believed to have a spirit. In the spring folk from the city travel to their country homes to open and “let the house breath.” This way of treating the home stuck with me and was part of the inspiration that led me to c0-create the Detox Spray.

The other part of the was when I was seeing clients out of a small home office. I quickly learned that clearing the space was vital. The awareness did come quickly but I had to learn by experience. It was around this time I began to craft this spray as well as the others I use for space clearing work.

The Essences
Asperge Savage: releases constricting energy patterns
Bidens: clears confusion bring the energy back to center with clarity
Chaparral: cleanses the psychic atmosphere of all manner of ‘pollution’ including thought forms, negative psychic energy, dysfunctional emotional patterns and more
Lime: purifies the thought form field of a space
Pacific Woodrush: process energy toxins from the energy field
Sagebrush: carries the energy of emptiness,clarity and purity
Silverweed Cinquefoil: a plant noted for its ‘magical’ properties. Silverweed helps cleanse negative energy cords that drain and cloud thinking.
Ti Plant: clears all manner of outside negative influences, including entities and attachments; carries a strong white light.

Essential Oils:

Copiaba: an earthy resin from South America grounds the action of the other two oils. It  provides the foundation which they can lift and cleanse.

Eucalyptus: This essential oil carries an expansive energy and assists with transmuting collected energies. It's refreshing and uplifting, and clear old emotional and mental energy from a space.

Lime: Another uplifting and expansive scent that breaks up dense energy. Lime essential oil is one of revitalization. It cleanses the energy field of traumatic imprints, attachments, dense emotional energy and unhealthy energy cords in your field or space.

Use this Space Clearing Spray when you are looking to revitalize the energy of any space you live or work in. Anywhere humans spend a considerable amount of time in can become "energy cluttered". It is great for therapists, practitioners, healers or anyone who works closely with others.

It is also great for: 

  • yoga or meditation to set the space
  • therapy rooms, spas, clinics
  • great for hotel/motel rooms
  • use it after you physically clean
  • use it in any space that needs refreshing

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