5 Essences for Stress Part 2 - Letting Go

June 15, 2021

5 Essences for Stress Part 2 - Letting Go

Welcome to Part 2 here we will explore flower essences to help us let go. The concept of letting go of not being in control is scary to some. And, I think this is true for many in society. Most of us are taught to strive, work hard, and push and the idea of letting go is antithetical to what we've learned.

Here are 5 essences for releasing stress by letting go.

Blueberry cactus: This flower essences addresses conditioning related to achievement and success. It is particularly good for those who've had a domineering parent(s). Blueberry cactus flower essence can encourage alpha wave brain states and help the physical body relax. This is a good essence for the Type A overachiever who is learning to prioritize the needs of the body and the importance of joy and relaxation.

Blue flax: This is a great flower essence for helping us let go in general. It is particularly useful for those who hold on and won't let themselves relax. Blue flax flower essence provides a gentle release of constriction on the emotional and mental levels. It can be of great use during times of growth when shedding, releasing and letting go is called for. Use of this essence helps us see where our patterns of holding on are blocking our growth. 

Meyer Lemon: The Meyer Lemon is a cross between the lemon and orange fruits. It has a vibrant yellow/orange rind with matching flesh that both tart and sweet. Meyer Lemon flower essence helps us stay relaxed and focused when stressed and processing. Use this flower essence to help balance focus with relaxation and encourage relaxation when hard at work.

Silver Gem Elixir: This elixir alleviates stress from deep within the nervous system. It also works with the mental body to improve clarity, memory, and left/right brain balance. It is wonderful for helping us achieve deeper levels of calm and relaxation.Silver gem elixir is a great elixir to use over time to support a more peaceful nervous system.

Sweet Pepperbush:This essence strengthens our vertical connection freeing us from ‘horizontal’ entanglements. Those who find themselves embroiled in continuous drama and feel they are carrying an emotional burden will enjoy this essence. It helps one to shift their viewpoint and recover their emotional center. Sweet Pepperbush is an essence to ease struggle, it is a softener, excellent for releasing hardened emotions.

Many of us need to consciously practice letting go. Some people do this through yoga and mindfulness. Over time these practices can help to re-pattern our stress conditioning. When you add flower essences to your life you will find the reconditioning of old patterns to be easier. So if you find it hard to let go and relax try some of the essences listed above.


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