Cleansing and Charging Crystals

March 03, 2020

Cleansing and Charging Crystals

So you bought a crystal from a store or online. Chances are this stone has been on a long journey one which may have involved trauma. . . I was once fairly naive regarding the journey a crystal makes from the earth to a store and to my hands. But, a few years back when I received inspiration to start co-creating gem elixirs I paused to consider . . ..

Where did the stone come from? What treatment did it receive? Was it handled with care? All these questions and more came to mind. I realized many of the crystals and stones I was guided to make healing elixirs of needed healing as well.

3 Primary Crystal Healing Methods

Earth Cleansing

Ethics and mining do not go hand in hand therefore I knew the healing stones may need their own "healing". I went about “healing” crystals or shall I say restoring them to a more potent vibration in a few ways. The first method I worked with was to bury them in the earth. This method is the simplest and the longest. Some of the stones were buried for 2-3 years and others for weeks. Letting time and nature do the work seemed appropriate. Because I had a garden this was easy. But, if you live in a large city and don't have this access consider other methods.

Spirit Cleansing

Another healing option is to perform a variety of “shamanic” healing techniques on them. For this one needs to be versed in shamanic journeying and familiar with classic healing techniques. From this we heal with spirit. As a result I found some crystals needed “soul retrieval”. After performing soul retrieval the stones really glowed with a vibrancy.

Water and Flower Essence Cleansing

I use another technique that involves water. This is used to both cleanse a crystal and charge a crystal. This method is simple and works very well. First I use water and sea salt or high quality earth salt. I place the stone in water saturated with salt and leave it under the sun and moon to charge. Next, I use a shell and white sage flower essence. This is how I  give the crystal a final charge. I take a shell such as a conch fill it with pure water and add 7 drops of White Sage Flower Essence. I then place the stone in  water and leave it out under the sun and moon. This technique really makes the crystal sing.

The last method of using White Sage Flower essence and shell is accessible for most people. If you are using crystals for healing or beautification do consider what they went through before they ended up in your possession.It the very least consider giving them bath in salt water. And, follow that up with recharge using White Sage Flower Essence and the shell technique.

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