Bach Flower Remedy System - The 12 Healers

September 01, 2019

Bach Flower Remedy System - The 12 Healers

The system Dr. Bach developed is aimed at aligning the personality with the truth of who we are.  It is divided into 3 parts which follow chronologically the order in which the remedies were discovered. The first twelve are known as "The Twelve Healers" which are soul type/archetypal remedies that deal with broad themes such as courage, enthusiasm, compassion, wisdom and balance to name a few.

The ‘Key Words’ used are general headings which the remedies treat and the themes are areas of the personality the remedies help to develop. “Use for" referrers to areas of personality imbalance that the remedies correct. Keep in mind these are general descriptions and serve as a simple guide to beginning to understand the remedies.

The Twelve Healers

Mimulus- (mimulus guttatus) Key Word: Fearlessness
Themes: confidence, bravery, security Use for: fear of known things, shyness, timidity

Impatiens- (impatiens glandulifera) Key Word: Compassion
Themes: patience, tolerance, harmonious relationship with time Use for: impatience, developing tolerance, irritablity

Agrimony-(agrimonia eupatoria) Key Word: Truth
Themes: honesty, authentic humor, openness Use for: masked emotions/inner pain, escapism via drugs/alchol

Clematis-(clamatis vitalba) Key Word: Integration
Themes: vision, awareness, present in the body Use for: dreaminess, withdraw, ungrounded awareness

Centaury-(centaurium erythaea) Key Word: Dignity
Themes: boundaries, self esteem, self reliance Use for: weak personality, being used, servant, taken advantage of

Cerato-(ceratostigma willmottiana) Key Word: Instinct/Knowledge
Themes: trust of self, discernment, decisive Use for: discretion, trust of self wisdom, easily influenced

Gentian- (gentiana amarella) Key Word: Hope
Themes: faith, trust in positive outcome, positive outlook Use for: doubt, pessimism, depression, despair, hopelessness

Chicory- (chicorium intybus) Key Word: Love
Themes: fulfillment, radiant love, unconditional love Use for: possessive, heart ache, manipulative behavior

Vervain- (verbena officianalis) Key Word: Passion
Themes: enthusiasm, optimism, dynamic Use for: overly stressed, type A, high strung, righteously indignant

Scleranthus- (scleranthus annuus) Key Word: Decisive
Themes: decisiveness, balance, stable Use for: indecisiveness, mood swings, trust in decision making

Rock Rose- (helianthemum nummularium) Key Word: Assurance
Themes: calm strength, emotional steadiness Use for: panic, stuck emotions of terror

Water Violet- (hottonia palustris) Key Word: Unity
Themes: gracefulness, quite, integration with group Use for: feelings of loneliness, isolation, pride, superiority

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