Weeds Mariposa Lily flower essence

March 13, 2021

Weeds Mariposa Lily flower essence

The Mariposa lily group of lilies is native to the western United States. In Spanish mariposa translates to butterfly. From an oblong bud atop a slender stalk mariposa lilies bloom in a variety of colors. Their striking colors are visible along the dry hillsides and grasslands during the late spring months of May and June. Mariposa lilies are found in throughout California and the western US.

In general Mariposa Lily flower essences address wounding, trauma, and pain related to the maternal aspect. This can mean a wide variety of experiences from abandonment, distant mother, or difficulty accessing maternal energy in both women and men. The focus of this post is on the Weed's Mariposa Lily.

The Weed's Mariposa Lily - For the violent mother

This mariposa lily is a striking golden yellow with burgundy spots and numerous hairs. It was one of the first essences which I co-created and began to research. In my practice I've been using this flower essence for about 15 years. I find it most helpful for the children of violent and or psychotic mothers. The fear with which this type violence causes can erode a child's feeling of safety. A lack of safety in the developing years can cause insecurity, low self esteem and lack of worthiness.

One would use Weed's mariposa lily flower essence to address the resulting symptoms of trauma from a violent mother. There is a way in which this flower essence provides us with a sort of "psychological nourishment". Over time our system learns to recalibrate and this helps restore confidence, trust and feelings of safety.

This is an excellent flower essence to help increase self worthiness and self esteem and to rebuild trust in the world. May the butterfly family of lilies help you to find the strength to transform and reconnect to the beauty within.


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