The Santuary Blend

July 10, 2020

The Santuary Blend

Sanctuary: a place of refuge and protection.

Over the years I've been part of a few traditional inipi or sweat lodge ceremonies held by indigenous leaders. These ceremonies can be physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging. One of the first ceremonies I was part of I learned a big lesson about  myself. In these ceremonies you are crouched tight into a "lodge", where hot rocks from a fire are placed in the center. Then the ceremony guide leads prayer and splashed water on the rocks. This creates an intense blast of steam and this is done in a few rounds. Then the door opens and you crawl out and 3 more rounds are held with fresh rocks being brought in each round.

The Sanctuary Within

A very early ceremony like the one mentioned above taught me about the Sanctuary within. The challenges of these ceremonies forced me deeper within myself. And, I remember clearly how crouched on the ground I found a place I call the Sanctuary within. It was a place of peace inside myself that existed regardless of what my outside experience was like. The ceremony helped me find that place and I realized at that time that I carry that place within all the time.

With all that is going on in the world I wanted to create a blend that could help people find that place in themselves. Over the years I have learned that flower essences have a profound effect on how feel. And, how we feel influences our choices, and thus our state of being. Knowing the comfort that finding sanctuary brings the Sanctuary Flower Essence blend was born.

The Sanctuary Flower Essence Blend

Negative Condition:
-Fear of known origin
-Fear of unknown origin
-Feelings of Alienation
-Diminished feelings of confidence and courage

Positive Outcome:
-Feeling of wholeness
-Feeling rooted and capable
-Self Acceptance
-Courage with the unknown
-Feeling of belonging and gentle okayness

The Sanctuary Blend is now part of the Combination Kit. This is a great remedy for children as it addresses a wide variety of fears.

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