5 Essences for Stress Part 1 - Overwork

May 31, 2021

flower essences for stress

This blog series will illustrate flower essences to assist with changing stress patterns. Stress, whatever the cause impacts us all relatively the same. But, in terms of choosing flower essences causation will determine what essences to employ. This is why I've broken this down into 3 parts.

In Part 1 the focus is the easily addictive stress cycle of Overwork. Here I present 5 single flower essences to assist with moving out of the addictive cycle of overwork. These flower essences can help us change and recondition our behavior(s). And, this can help us make choices which lead to improved well being and less stress.

Flower Essences for Overwork

Overwork is easy and I think this has to do with a constant nagging feeling of being behind, of never enough. The roots of this type of conditioning are varied. Consider one or more of these essences to uproot this pattern.

Blue Vervain: This flower essence is perfect for the zealous type - the type that is eager and always striving. While the merits of this are laudable this type of unceasing approach leads to burnout and fatigue. Blue vervain flower essence is the premier essence for helping us find the middle way. It will help you find more ease and you may experience a softening of tension from the head down across the shoulders.

Cream Cups: If you have difficulty finding the space to step back and disengage you might enjoy Cream Cups flower essence. It helps us to expand our awareness and shift perspectives. This essence will help you access a slower rhythm. You may want this for times when the pace of your life feels like it is causing detriment.

Dandelion: This essence teaches us to let go. This is a key essence for those who are driven and carry much tension in their muscles. The most I want to share about Dandelion flower essence is if you store your mental and emotional stress in your muscle you will like this essence.

Lavender: A "problem" with overwork is it can be hard to wind down. Lavender flower essence is a key essence to assist with winding down. When nerves get frayed and keyed up from overwork it can be difficult to find calm. Lavender flower essence has a tonic like quality that will aid our ability to cycle out of overwork to a more settled way of being. This can be a very good essence to aid with sleep.

Zinnia: The Zinnia essence helps us access our humorous side. In our society responsibility is often antithetical to lightness. Responsibility is spartan. Zinnia flower essence is particularly useful for those who could use some laughter. It is an inner child remedy which helps us access our playful nature. Those who've had a grim childhood would benefit from this flower essence.

How to find these essences.

Blue Vervain, Dandelion and Lavender are in the Garden and Herb Kit.

Cream Cups and Zinnia are in the Ojai Kit.

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