Saguaro Flower Essence - June 2024 Essence of the Month

June 03, 2024

Saguaro Flower Essence - June 2024 Essence of the Month

Saguaro cactus is an icon among cacti. It stands tall with branches like arms and is the species we think of when we think "cactus". Saguaros are found in the US state of Arizona from the middle of the state down into northern Mexico. These plants are a keystone species and support a wide range of life in the desert. They live up to 200 years and can grow up to 25-35 feet tall.

Saguaro a connector species

The Saguaro supports a variety of bird, insect, and animal species in the Sonoran desert. Much of life in this bio-region is connected to this plant and it's existence lays the foundation for the rich tapestry of life in the desert. Even the ribs of the decease cactus were put to use by the indigenous people.

Saguaros have large cream white flowers rich with pollen and nectar. They are attractive to birds, bees, bats . . . and humans. They are stunning to behold and protrude from the trunks on long stems. This connector species supports many facets of the desert ecosystem. Their fruits are an important source of nutrients and water for people and animals.

The Saguaro Flower Essence

I love using the Saguaro flower essence in my practice. It has a core role in healing wounds and issues related to the father and father/figures. It helps us learn to re-calibrate our relationship to the masculine ancestral line.

Saguaro flower essence helps us make connection through time by giving us access to positive masculine ancestral relations. This can be deeply healing. The Saguaro flower essence also helps us access our inner parent the relationship we have to our own inner structure. It wise to use this essence  when there is emotional reactivity especially regarding the father.

I have found this essence to be very valuable in healing child/father dynamics. I've seen it help clients with difficult fathers learn to relate better by fostering a deeper understanding of the wounds carried by their father. It supports this awareness in a way that allows acceptance.

Our relationship with our parents is core to our life. It impacts us in many realms as it is the foundation of our emotional/mental make up. And, because not all men know how to be fathers  many of us impacted and carry father wounds. So at some point in the healing journey employing the Saguaro flower essence can be a wise and useful choice.

How to Use:

When using Saguaro flower essence consider a 3 month cycle of support. In general I suggest taking 4 drops in the morning and at night.

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