Reblance/Restore Flower Essence Formula

October 07, 2019

Reblance/Restore Flower Essence Formula

The flower essence blends in the Combination Kit are a resource to support emotional health and balance. Of the 12 blends in this kit the Re-balance/Restore Formula is the most popular. This formula supports equilibrium and balanced energy. It is useful when feeling physically and emotionally drained and overworked.

This formula  is a good for those who:
1.) overwork
2.) lack self care
3.) push the body too hard
4.) recovering from a long term illness or treatment i.e chemo

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This formula includes the following 8 flower essences:

-California Fuchsia: enhances energy flow in the root chakra, restoring vital energy flow
-Desert Lily: supports hydration restoration, and replenishment of emotional vitality
-Live Oak: balances the body after overwork/over-exertion
-Matillija Poppy: balances the elemental energies of air, fire, earth and water
-Self Heal: actives the capacity for self ordering, deeply restorative
-Sulphur Flower: clears old energy from the system; motivating and uplifting
-Varigated Money Plant: restores balance between the active and passive
-Yarrow: repairs holes in the aura caused by stress

How to use this Formula:

The Rebalance/Restore formula is safe to use on an acute basis or for long term recovery. For acute situations take 2 drops directly from the bottle or in a small glass of water. Then sit quietly for a few minutes and notice the changes. This is an excellent way to re-establishing a healthy vital flow of energy after exertion, a stressful day, or when feeling off kilter.

For longer term use 1-2 months I suggest making yourself a dosage bottle. To do this take clean 15ml dropper bottle, add 2/3 pure water and 1/3 brandy (preservative) and 2 drops of the Re-balance/Restore formula.

If you or someone you know is recovery from a long term injury, illness or disease treatment consider adding this blend to your protocol. I have used this formula with clients recovering from chemotherapy and long term bacterial infections. In each case the clients received a dosage bottle for 2 months. Their responses have been favorable with each client reporting a more clarity, energy, and feeling of general well being.

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