Orange Blossom Flower Essence

September 20, 2019

Orange Blossom Flower Essence

The orange tree is a native of China and has now spread across the globe. Orange groves are found in Southern Europe and throughout the Americas. The waxy white blossoms of the orange tree are extremely fragrant. They have a heady, intoxicating, and sweet aroma. The Neroli essential oil is made from the volatile oils of the orange blossoms. If you find yourself in an orange growing area when the plants are in bloom you will be sure to enjoy the air perfumed with the deep sweet scent of orange blossoms. A sweet treat indeed!

I lived in such a part of the world, Ojai, CA which is known for its citrus crop*. Citrus growing in Ojai goes back at least 100 years! And, I was very happy when I found a grove of wild orange trees to make an essence from. They were planted by humans at one point but they have been abandoned and now grow without the help of human intervention. It is from these trees which I co-created the Orange Blossom flower essence.

Orange Blossom Flower Essence

The Orange Blossom flower essence fosters deep peace and relaxation, it is like a balm to the busy mind and stressed out body. The Orange Blossom flower essence calms emotional tension and upset. It will help you to unwind, untangle and unravel the causes behind emotional upset and turmoil. Because of its relaxing nature Orange Blossom flower essence is good to use prior to many therapies such as massage, counseling, reflexology and hypnotherapy.

The Orange blossom flower essence is widely applicable for many people. Its ability to enhance relaxation and soothe the nerves are the major benefits of using orange blossom flower essence. Our nervous system is constantly under stress and finding a way to soothe it will bring deep relief to many areas of life. This is what makes Orange blossom flower essence so special, it can usher in a new level of relaxation and peace for the mind, body and emotions.

The Orange blossom flower essence is one of 8 flower essences from the Citrus Kit.

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