Flower Essence Sleep Formula

August 14, 2020

Flower Essence Sleep Formula

A good night's rest can be hard to come by. There are many aspects that factor into a night of good sleep. With flower essences for sleep the aim is to help the body and mind relax and let go. After many tests and trials on myself and clients I developed the Protection Sleep flower essence formula. Before I talk about this formula I want to address factors that contribute to good sleep.

Suggestions for Good Sleep

  • Temperature - if the room you are in is too warm and stuffy this will impact your rest - an ideal temperature is around 65 degrees F.
  • Light - a dark room helps us sleep better - as well as avoiding stimulating blue light close to bedtime - so turn off your phone or computer 1 hour before bed and consider using blue light blocking glasses
  • Food and Drink - it is best to avoid stimulating food and drink soon before bedtime - I also suggest avoiding caffeine after 12pm


A major impact on sleep can be a "high velocity" mind. Being able to cease the chatter of the mind and fall into sleep is key. In a culture of go go go it can be difficult to create the space needed to let go at night. Many of us suffer from this and there are many contributing factors. Some include our personality, stress immediate and long term, traumas, and our relationships. On top of this there are a  myriad of environmental, personal, professional, and dietary factors. Please keep all this in mind when addressing your own sleep challenges.

With all that said I introduce you to the Protection Sleep formula. Over the years I've noticed the essences from the Protection blend help with sleep. So I deconstruct the Protection blend and recombined it with other key remedies that help with unwinding and letting go.

Protections Sleep Flower Essence Formula

Angelica: softens the entire system to settle, let go, and unwind

Coyote Mint: helps the mind let go

Lavender: this flower essence helps our energy settle - good for those who are keyed up

Purple Aster: this flower essence assists with the gentle letting go process

St. John's Wort: this flower essence assists with letting go and protection

Yarrow: this flower essence assists with protection

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