My Healing Journey with Lyme Part 4 - Food Changes

July 10, 2020

My Healing Journey with Lyme Part 4 - Food Changes

Journey's require change and in this journey changes particularly dietary changes are important. Often when people get Lyme and other co-infections a few things happen. 1.) They develop food sensitivities 2.) the microbes can weaken organ systems, and 3.) as the body heals die off and other toxins are generated. In this process a few things may happen including, nausea, gas/bloating, and a worsening of symptoms after eating a particular food.

Common Culprits

Some of the most common culprits are:

  • Corn
  • Dairy - mainly cow dairy- although ghee is sometimes ok
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Gluten
  • Eggs
  • Yeast

On occasion citrus will also be an issue. I have listed the foods in order of importance. The protein found in eggs can be hard to digest and is a common allergen. You might make the choice to switch to gluten free breads and pastries. But beware while they don't contain wheat or gluten they often contain almost every other common food allergen. I often joke that the ingredients in wheat bread are fairly simple - wheat, water, salt, and yeast . . . while gluten free breads contain a laundry list including gums and stabilizers.

The Hidden Forms of Corn

Because corn is subject to genetic modification and heavily sprayed with pesticides it is best to steer clear of this food. Even organic corn can have negative health impacts. Be on the look out for added corn starch, corn oil, and xanthum gum - which is corn derived.

Food Fundamentals

Food choices are often tied in with identity and emotional preferences. Therefore making dietary changes can often be a challenge. Diet and food choices are fundamentally tied into health and healing. Making correct food changes during the healing process can greatly speed up recovery. I cannot tell you what to eat but knowledge of healthy food options are widely available. Reducing sugar intake is also very important if not vital to a balanced recovery.

Flower Essences to Help with Food Changes

Catalina Mariposa Lily: This essence can help with many aspects of self nurturing.

Loquat: This is a useful essence for digestion, consider if you are prone to gas and bloating.

Paw Paw: This is a good essence for those who are chronically dehydrated and have nutrient absorption issues.

Pine: Use for aspects related to emotional eating patterns.

Self Heal: This essence helps us oriented towards natural self healing capabilities. It will naturally help in making healthy choices in alignment with your highest good. 

White Globe Lily: This essence helps us take greater responsibility for our lives and our health. It helps us make mature choices for our well being.

These essence are available for purchase in our web store. Catalina Mariposa Lily and White Globe Lily are in the Ojai Kit - Loquat, Paw Paw, and Pine are in the Tree Kit - and Self Heal is part of the Garden and Herb Kit.

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