Flower Essences for Loneliness

April 24, 2020

flower essences for loneliness

Loneliness was an epidemic even before the Covid19 pandemic. The UK even has a Minister of Loneliness it is viewed as a public health problem because it can be a predictor of declining health. Researchers point to loneliness being just as bad as smoking and obesity. And, now in the shadows of Covid19 many people suddenly find themselves home alone.

I have always considered community to be a vital nutrient. As humans we are built for connection we are built for relationship. It pains me to think there are people home alone suffering under the weight of isolation. One thing I have learned in my work with flower essences is that nature is a great healer. And, even in the isolation of a city apartment we can still connect with nature. Whether it be the food on your plate, wood of your table, or a cloud in the sky, there are ways to connect with your breath and imagination.

Flower Essences for Loneliness

Another way to connect in with nature is through flower essences. Flower essences carry the living vibration of a flower directly into the human electrical system. They can be a real balm in times of loneliness. By working on the spiritual, psychological, and soul level they can help us find comfort in these times of social distancing. In response to these times I have created two new blends to address loneliness the despondency which can accompany it.

I response to the current crisis of isolation I have put together a blend of 7 flower essences to address the pain and stress isolation can cause. This is a wonderful blend to use daily as we move through this difficult moment in time.


Friend of Flowers Blend

The 7 flower essences in this blend are:
Bleeding Heart: broadens the scope of the heart chakra
Borage: helps us maintain courage and buoyancy during challenges
Geranium: helps us maintain optimism, it can help relieve feeling of heaviness
Purple Mariposa Lily: this essence offers comfort
Red Penstemon: this fortifying essence helps us reach deeper and persevere
Rosemary: this essence supports embodiment and emotional warmth
Stream Orchid: this essence restores the light of hope in times of darkness

If you are clinically depressed and suffer from a medical condition please seek the help of a medical professional.

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