Columbine Flower Essence

May 22, 2020

Columbine Flower Essence

Columbine flower essence helps you express your inner beauty. This elegant woodland plant has a 5 pointed red and yellow flower that resembles a rocket. It favors sunny hillsides and grows across the United States. The columbine flower essence is a remedy for self love, self appreciation and self esteem.

The Role of Columbine Flower Essence

We live in a society steeped in the trappings of outer beauty. We are fed messages that tell us we are inadequate or something about us is unacceptable. This  can erode self esteem and lead one to disregard their uniqueness. Columbine flower essence helps to counteract these messages and help us to acknowledge and express our inner truth and bolster our self esteem.. Columbine flower essence is excellent for those who've conformed and betrayed their artistic self to please others. Thus suppressing their unique talents and abilities.

Because it helps deepen self acceptance columbine flower essence is useful during many life stages. Teenagers, those charged with leadership roles and those at certain mid life stages of re-evaluation would benefit greatly from this essence. Columbine flower essence helps us integrate the beauty and truth we possess. Columbine can help us find that singularity of self that is lost when we seek validation from others.

Healing the Wounds of Trauma

Use this flower essence to helps mend wounds that have caused feelings of unworthiness and low self esteem. The impact of this is felt more deeply in those with a sensitive/artistic nature. The trauma which columbine helps with is good for those who feel shy, self conscious and unable to value themselves. 

Columbine flower essence combines well with Money Plant, Explorer's Gentian, Confederate Violet, Bigelowe's Monkeyflower, and Western Mimulus to name a few. This is a key essence in the Trauma Kit.

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