Citrus Flower Essences

April 10, 2020

Citrus Flower Essences

For 5 years I lived on a small organic citrus orchard in Ojai,CA. Every year in late February the citrus trees start to blossom. The scent of their flowers fills the air with a delicious, sweet, heady aroma. I relished the season of the citrus bloom and watched these trees for two years before I felt the call to create Citrus flower essences.

From this orchard I created a set of Citrus Flower Essences. The set contains clementine, grapefruit, lemon, lime, Meyer lemon, orange, tangelo and tangerine. Citrus flower essences carry a distinct lightness that addresses common mental and emotional stress and heaviness. They are especially relevant for people suffering from mental strain and tension caused by overuse of the analytical left brain function of the mind.

Citrus Flower Essences and  Peaceful Mind

In an average day we consume more information than we can process. More demands are put upon our attention than ever before. And as a result many people feel mentally drained and stressed. This leads to a number of persistent conditions such as a racing mind, inability to focus, and a feeling of disconnection. And, the deluge of negative news we are surrounded by leaves many people with feelings of vague anxiety and a persistent negative outlook.

This can lead to feelings of bitterness and distrust. Which has caused many people to lose a sense of ease. Our natural receptivity to that which is beneficial has been eroded. As a result we sour to life much like the juice of the citrus fruits. But the sweetness of the citrus flower essences are here to help us access flexibility, ease and joy.

The 8 Citrus Flower Essences

Clementine flower essence supports structure, alignment, grounding, expansion and joy. It is good for those who lack humor and playfulness coupled with suppressed creativity.

Grapefruit flower essence softens the jaw, face and cranial bones. It supports one to get in touch with the needs of the physical body in order for the body to feel relaxed and aligned. Grapefruit flower essence helps us let go of tension.

Lemon flower essence supports mental clarity. It is useful for mental congestion, exhaustion, and overwhelm that leads to emotional disconnect. Try it for learning disorders including trouble concentrating.

Lime flower essence helps you release toxic thoughts. It does this by cleansing the mental body of lower vibrations. As a result our ability to perceive the world and ourselves in a more positive light grows.

 Meyer Lemon flower essence helps us stay relaxed and focused when stressed and processing. It helps us balance focus with relaxation. Meyer Lemon is a cross between a lemon and an orange.

Orange flower essence helps with deep relaxation. It helps us to unwind deep emotional tension held in the body and the subconscious mind. Orange flower essence is good to use prior to massage, counseling, reflexology and hypnotherapy.

Tangelo flower essence softens the mental body. It is grounding, lightening and good for those who are somber, serious and heavy hearted. Tangelo flower essences carries a sweetness for those needing the nourishment of light who are recovering from illness or depression.

Tangerine flower essence helps those who don’t feel at peace with their physical body. This could be due to an injury, weight issue or related body issue. It aligns the subtle bodies and physical body. Tangerine is for those who lack self care yet want to re-orient towards better self care.

The Citrus flower essences can be found in the flower essence kits section at the top left.

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