White Sage Spray


White sage (salvia apiana)  is native to Southern California and Baja Mexico. In Ojai where this product is made white sage can be found growing throughout the landscape.  The aroma of white sage is almost legendary in spiritual circles where the practice of ‘smudging’ burning dried white sage for purification is ubiquitous.

White sage is a special plant that humans have had a deep spiritual relationship with for centuries. When I set about crafting this offering I wanted it to carry the most potent white sage energy. In reverence to this plant I endeavored to discover what would make the most purify white sage spray.

It was discovered the most potent White Sage Purification Spray would include white sage flower essence undiluted direct from the mother, hydrosol and white sage essential oil.  All 3 have been produced in the Ojai Valley.

The White Sage Purification Spray has clear, bright and uplifting energy. It is most effective at clearing negative psychic energy and related energetic imbalances.

This powerful spray is perfect for:

  • Spring Cleaning
  • Yoga, Meditation, Healing rooms
  • The Car
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Anytime you want to clear a space

      It is also good to use if you feel:

      • encumbered by negative thoughts and feelings
      • heavy from processing strong emotions
      • cut off from your wisdom body
      • like you need and want more lightness

      By combining the cleansing properties of white sage flower essence, oil and hydrosol an alchemical spray is born. Each spray is hand made to order. It takes a bit more time but the result is you receive a fresher more potent product. We take pleasure in producing this product especially in a world of mass produce pseudo-spiritual tools.