Space Clearing Set

These 5 Space Clearing Sprays are an organic outgrowth of my healing work. They were created to support my clients at home in their healing journey.  To bring about a whole greater than the sum of its parts I combine flower essences from the mother, essential oils and hydrosols. These Space Clearing Sprays make a nice addition to a healer’s toolbox or home healing kit. Each spray is made by hand to order.

The Five Space Clearing Sprays

Detox Spray:

Essential Oils of Copaiba, Eucalyptus, and Lime
er Essences of Asperse Aavage, Bidens, Chaparral, Silverweed, Ti and Woodrush

The Detox Spray clears disharmonious, darkened, dense, depleting and un-grounded energy. It works quickly to harmonize the energy of a space. The Detox spray is the first line of ‘defense’ in the Space Clearing Sprays arsenal.

Joy Spray:

Essential Oil of Bergamot, Coriander, Fir, Grapefruit, Lavender
Flower Essences of Autumn onion, Blue flax, Clementine, Scarlet Gilia and Zinnia

The Joy Spray brings a light and uplifting energy to any space. Use it to support an easy-going buoyant feeling in whatever space you desire. It is good for social and family gatherings to bring about joyful feelings.

Meditation Spray:

Essential Oil of Sandalwood, Frankincense and Lotus Absolute
Flower Essences of Brion Dique, Lime, Purple Aster, Rosemary and San Pedro

The Meditation spray is designed to enhance meditation, yoga or other spiritual practice. The settling and centering energy this spray has benefits spiritual practices. It is also useful at night to assist in setting the tone needed for winding down. Use it right before bed to assist sleep and dreaming. 

Protection Spray:

Essential Oils of Frankincense Lavender, Palo Santo, Pettigran
Flower Essences of Coyote Mint, Penstemon, St. John’s Wort, Ti and Yarrow

This all-around useful spray strengthens the aura and supports energetic integrity. Of all the Space Clearing Sprays the Protection Spray is the most useful for those who live and work in crowded environments. It benefits those bothered by electromagnetic frequencies and related e-smog. This spray is useful for those who lose energy easily. The grounding and strengthening action of the Protection Spray is good for children who suffer from anxiety, nightmares, and vague fears. 

White Sage Spray:

Essential Oil and Hydrosol of White Sage
Flower Essence of White Sage

The White Sage Purification Spray carries the full potent vibration of the white sage plant. This spray combines well with the Detox Spray. First use the Detox spray to clear space. Then spray with White Sage Spray to purify the space. For optimal results spray each corner of the room you purifying. A little goes a long way. Using this spray is akin to smudging.