Protection Flower Essence Formula

Essence Alchemy


The Protection formula offers many levels of protection from a wide variety of influences. This positively useful formula is for anyone who works intimately with people such as bodyworkers. It is also useful for those who live or work in crowed toxic environments or are constantly exposed to E-smog. This all-around useful formula is superb for anyone who feels they need more protection.

The flower essence for protection formula contains:

Coyote Mint: A low growing mint that helps to protect from negativity, negative thought forms and from negative energy being recycled back into the energy field. Coyote mint flower essence protects us from negative energy of our own creation. This includes but is not limited to fearful thoughts, excessive worries and the legacy of negative thoughts.

Penstemon: From the slopes of Mt. Shasta this special remedy is like slipping on a shield of light. It fortifies us against adversity, hardship and challenging circumstances. Penstemon flower essence helps to shore up our resolve and protect us from losing strength and falling into self-pity and a ‘poor me’ attitude.

St. John’s Wort: A solar remedy that strengthens the energy field where it connects at the solar plexus. It tightens an expanded energy field that has been damaged by stress and burnout. It also protects against irrational fears and nightmares. St. John’s wort is perfect for those who operate in an expanded state.

Ti Plant:  A powerful remedy from the island of Kauai that protects from negative outside influences. Ti plant flower essence is a potent remedy that helps to restore personal power guarding against negative astral energy. The Hawaiians have historically used this plant to break curses, hexes, and spells.

Yarrow: Last but certainly not least in the Flower Essences for Protection blend is Yarrow. Yarrow flower essence has been added for its potent ability to knit the aura. Our aura is the part of the protective field that surrounds our physical body. A strong auric field prevents unwanted energetic intrusions that drain our energy. Yarrow flower essence protects us from other people's energy, negative emotions, electromagnetic rays, radiation and other energies which sap vitality.