Meditation Blend

The Meditation formula helps you deepen mediation and access body free states of awareness and it offers protection during meditation. It is an excellent aid for yoga and a variety of other spiritual practices.

The flower essences for meditation formula contain:

Bryone Dioïque: This flower essence is from rural France. This flower essence helps us draw our attention inward back to the center and calm the wandering mind.

Lime: This citrus flower essence enhances the 6th chakra. This flower essence for meditation clears the mind of toxic thoughts and thought-forms. It also calms mental stress and compression.

Purple Aster: This pretty alpine plant supports access to body free states of consciousness. It helps us release hardened emotions and access the “meditator” within.

Rosemary: This balancing flower essence supports feelings of inner peace.

San Pedro: This flower essence protects the energy field while in expanded states. It also clears negativity from the energy field.