Joy Spray

On the emotional spectrum joy is perhaps the most complete. I say this because the feeling of joy can hold all other emotions. It can hold grief and pleasure equally and can carry us through challenges and support our growth.

The Joy spray is designed to support access to feelings of pleasure, humor, optimism, and happiness. Use it to ease social anxiety, emotional tension and general unease. Each bottle of Joy Spray is hand made to order. This ensures you receive the most vibrant product possible.

The Joy Spray has many useful applications limited only by the imagination. Those who find the long winter months a challenge would enjoy this spray.

The Joy Spray contains the following flower essences:

Autumn Onion:

  • Supports access to the lighter side of our nature
  • Helps us find new ways to open and let go of outdated emotional energy
  • Carries an uplifting vibration

    Blue Flax:

    • Use for letting go, for those who hold on and won’t let themselves ‘come undone’
    • Provides gentle release of constricted emotional and mental energy.
    • Helps us see where our patterns of holding on are blocking our growth.


      • Aligns the physical and emotional bodies;for expansion, grounding and joy.
      • Supports joy through peace and relaxation.

        Scarlet Gilia:

        • Use for social anxiety and tension from emotional complexes related to pleasure.
        • Helps you to relate to the pleasure principle in life with more ease and grace.
        • Helps you accept and integrate desire nature in a healthy balanced manner.


          • Helps to balances seriousness with humor.
          • Restores childlike qualities of playfulness, laughter and joy.
          • Heals inner child wounding.

            Enhanced with the following essential oils:

            • Bergamot: sweet and citrusy
            • Coriander: grounding and warming
            • Fir: vital and fresh
            • Grapefruit: soft and citrusy
            • Lavender: herbaceous and floral

              For maximum benefit, only 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils are used.