I Belong

Essence Alchemy

The I Belong remedy addresses the painful feeling that you don’t belong.  This essence helps you feel and know that, in fact, you do belong. This essence blend contains:

  • Arizona Lupine: helps you appreciate your uniqueness
  • Blue Columbine: anchors the energy of the higher self deeper into the personality
  • Botswana Agate: clears depressive energy and restores joy
  • California Ash: for letting go of critical tendencies
  • Goldstar: helps you to embrace your value
  • Hawkweed: restores a sense of belonging
  • Hummingbird Sage: helps you embrace possibility more wholeheartedly
  • Philodendron: for releasing emotional burdens around identity and belonging
  • Pink Sapphire: strengthens the heart center and peaceful embodiment
  • Red jasper: helps you access your inner center and operate from that place
  • Red Larkspur: support for overcoming withdrawn and shy tendencies
  • White Larkspur: for embracing your inner authority