I Am Powerful

Essence Alchemy

This essence aims to address the hurt of feeling powerless. Powerless feels like of having no control, no say. Being at the mercy of others. Feeling like a victim of circumstance. Powerlessness can lead to apathy.

Feeling powerless is experienced as a child. Children understand they are at the mercy of their parents. This goes wrong when a child is given no input or rebels only to get their will broke. The wound has some victim energy, to it. In order to survive one must surrender and succumb to stronger forces.

A person’s wants are suppressed. A person’s will is suppressed. They have lost touch with their ability to create what they want in their lives. Powerlessness can also be a dream killer and hypnotize some into settling of what they don’t want. The take what they can get.

The remedy to powerlessness, the inability to get what they want. Is to know one is powerful. Powerful means, the ability to create change. The ability to get one wants, through positive means. Not to force, coerce, or intimidate to a wanted outcome. But instead to lead, inspire, educate, create understanding to get a desired outcome. The power to elicit people’s cooperation willing, and hopefully enthusiastically. The power to create meaningful change.

Powerful utilizes your emotions to create the change you want. Powerful draws from inner strength and heart. It comes from within. It comes from enthusiasm, authenticity and determination. It comes from knowing who one is.

Powerful can feel invigorating. It can feel intense and focused. It exudes confidence and belief in self, which can be exactly what someone who feels powerless needs to feel. Or one who abuses power or manipulated needs to know to change those behaviors.