I Am Held

Essence Alchemy

This remedy is similar to I am safe. But the feeling of safety needs to be concrete not conceptual or verbal. The safety, reassurance, love and protection comes from being held. As in a being embraced, or hugged. The non-verbal physical contact let’s a person know someone is right there with them. Someone cares.

Think cradling a baby. A baby cries and instantly it gets picked up and held. Touch is the language that communicates to the baby, someone is paying attention. Someone cares. Someone is responding to it.

This remedy can also apply to deprivation, abandonment, or neglect. You won’t be held if you someone neglects or abandons you. Abandonment is a huge issue.

I also think people can be touch starved, which creates its’ own suffering and loneliness.

Being held can have a negative association due to abuse or negative past experience with touch (i.e. being held in appropriately) maybe uncomfortable. The perversion of touch robs and deters a person from getting a human need met.

People need to be held and touched. Touch is one of the 5 languages of love.